Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas pictures

Of course there were also many fantastic moments over the holidays.  Number one for my kids had to be hanging out with cousins.  I loved seeing Cash like this on a different cousin every time I turned around.  And then hearing in his sweetest little voice, "Can I have a turn??  Can I play with your iphone?"  Luckily he got a Leapster for Christmas so he could join in the male cousin sit-next-to-each-other-and-play-our-various-electronic-devices bonding.

He even attempted his first sleepover with the cousins (didn't last of course):

The boys loved visiting temple square. (And of course I love all the bodies to help keep track of them. :)


All great until it started snowing and my Miami-bred child was beside himself.

Everyone was in love with nickelcade.

And it's really fun climbing up the skee-ball game to put your balls in. Until your twin throws one overhand and gives you a goose egg in the head. 

The best Christmas Eve surprise was answering a knock at the door to find dad finally making it there just in time for Santa.

Although not everyone could quite happy up for Santa.  :)


Super happy with the remote control Thomas trains Santa brought.

Mom and I worked up a new duet for the program this year.

Cash sang "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" with the actions he learned from school, and Phoenix played and sang a lovely rendition of "Jingle Bells".

So much fun with the family!!

Guess I'll have to post more pictures later to finish the trip since I haven't even made it to Christmas day yet.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a bunch, and makes for a lively New Year's Eve, as well, even with four missing! And we DID miss them this year!


AnnaMarie said...

Looks nice! I'm glad Ryan got to be there for Christmas Day, at least!

SuburbiaMom said...

I didn't know that you played the piano!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh,such fun memories. Amazing you just left 1 week ago. Bet you are glad the flying home if OVER!


Susan said...

How fun to share in your Christmas! Thanks for keeping us connected.

Tania said...

Wait - are ALL the cousins boys? No wonder your kids are in heaven.

Aloha_Misty said...

:) I love your blog. Don't change it. It reminds me of life as it is. I am always excited to read your posts because they lighten my day and make me smile :) It is the only way I would know anything about your life now! Don't change a thing about it.