Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas catch-up

I feel so behind!  Like how I had a goal to get some baby books finished for the twins before this next baby comes along. (Like three years wasn't long enough to be able to get some scrapbooking done?) Looks like that won't happen. Just like I just don't have the time for blogging so much anymore.  Which is why I am now just trying to finish up Christmas.

Some brotherly love on Christmas eve.

 There were a lot of fun moments this Christmas since they're all at such fun ages. Like watching them all grab their stockings to set them out for Santa and spontaneously run around yelling "trick or treat!" to everyone.  Or finding the plate of treats for Santa empty before everyone even went to bed...and then finding all the empty candy wrappers in their stockings.  :)

Let me mention my next comment on this photo - Cash.  We've had to have multiple discussions in our house that just because your tongue is long enough that you can pick your nose with it doesn't mean you should. Blech. He's a constant slobber face.

Lots of fun and excitement Christmas morning. Games, hot wheels, remote control trains, a scooter, and Cash got a Leapster so now he can hang with the big kids all playing their electronic devices.


Getting in some snow time and more cousin fun.

Watching Ryan carry both twins back up the hill was the point where I thought, phew, good thing I'm big and pregnant and can't go sledding.

All squished in the front seat rying to warm up. 
The hockey game.
I really had no idea my kids would be so enthralled going to a sporting event since we've never taken them to one, but they still keep asking to go back.
I loved looking over one night to see Cash cozying right up to his cousin.

Good times.

Now time to move on and think about the next things in life. Like having a baby.


AnnaMarie said...

Are the twins in the same size clothes as Cash? :) Love all the Christmas memories you guys made. You look fabulous, Jen, and are SO ready for this next little one!

Anonymous said...

Such great photos! Love them.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how you were doing tonight! You only have about 1 month left right? WOW! Love all the pictures and the fun memories!


Laurie said...

Haley still asks if she was ever a baby, cause her scrape book is'nt. Cait has two, till about 5, Adam has 1 and a 1/2 till about 3. Ben has 1/2
Life is still going on and I am collecting pictures. You will too!

Kimi said...

I can't believe Ryan still sits like that, with one knee up to his chin. As soon as I saw him posed like that I immediately thought of the skinny 15 year old Ryan sitting like that playing with his legos. Anytime he plays with toys he sits like that. And apparently he still sits like that when he plays with toys.

Susan said...

What a great family time - and great pictures! Thanks for sharing!