Sunday, July 5, 2009

Indepence Day - Miami style

Alright, so I'm sure everyone is going to be talking about what a great 4th of July they had this weekend. I hope you all did. But I have to say actually, if there's one thing Miami does right, it's the 4th of July. Were any of you sitting on the beach in the warm summer air looking at this (moon reflecting on the ocean, sand red in firework light) while you were watching fireworks?

I was. (Ok, well, and if you were with us, I guess you were too. I hope the rest of you get the chance sometime!)

We spent the evening on the beach in what was one of the most perfect evenings ever! There for sunset, lovely breeze off the ocean, water was even warmer than the air, a gorgeous twilight followed by a big bright moon rising, and then fireworks going off all up and down the beach from all the various beach cities. It was cool to look down and even see crowds of people watching fireworks while sitting in the ocean! And we even got a pleasant calm first hour of beaching thanks to this:

Corn on the cob. I've never given it to my kids before - I didn't really think kids could eat it; but I highly recommend it. I'm pretty sure it went down cob and all, but that little gem kept them occupied, strapped in, and un-sandy for a fantastically long time.

Until it didn't anymore, of course. (The picture on the left was within about a minute of escaping the stroller. Already in the water, out, and back again.) Ryan had to to a few dunking-in-the-ocean sessions when the babies kept face-planting and were covered head to toe in sand, which they hated, but it was still fun.

Here are the babies catching some firework action. I thought the kids would be scared since we were so close but they did great. (Thank heavens because our family alone could have produced enough wailing to even drown out the boom of all the fireworks on the beach.)

In this picture you can sort of see fireworks going off in the distance down the beach.

And I love this picture of our friends - even though it's hard to see, you can see how chill and relaxing it was, and the moonlight on the ocean in the background!

Even though I miss being with family on the holidays, this was pretty dang good.


Sharon said...

WoW!!!! Jen your camera took amazing shots!! I love the red firework glow on the sand and the moon with its reflection on the water!

And I was so happy you guys could join us on what was probably one of my favorite 4ths here in Miami Beach!

Anonymous said...

What a fun holiday! We missed you but knew you would be having fun on some beach! Quite a memory! Wonderful photos!

Hurrah for the Fourth of July!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That looks really amazing. I love seeing (through blogs) all the celebrations of the 4th from around the country!

Melanie said...

What a great memory! Our memory will be of Harrison with eyes tightly shut with his hands cupped over his eyes. He was totally overwhelmed. He didnt cry thank goodness (then he would have been "that kid"). Maybe next year he will peek through his fingers.

Jess said...

Looks like an awesome 4th!
Glad everyone survived the fireworks without tears.
I had the opportunity to see what it would be like to be pregnant with a 20 month old-she kept burrowing further and further into my chest and stomach, while wimpering :(

LuAnn said...

Cute, cute boys! Sounds like your 4th beat ours...and I'm where it all began. We didn't feel like braving the crowds and meant to catch a glimpse, but failed. If anyone says they want to come here for the 4th I'll tell them to go to Miami instead!

LuAnn said...

Oh and I know I've said this but your mom is so sweet. Her comments are always so thoughtful and uplifting.

Julie said...

WOW! That looks awesome! See why I don't blog. Your posts are awesome and you saw what I posted for the family blog. :)

So 2 more days and you guys will be here! Can't wait!