Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It seems like over the last month or two the differences in the twins personalities have started coming out more. Phoenix is the reckless one. Which is probably why he has been the first one walking for the last few weeks, the first one with a black eye (pictured on the right), and the biggest trouble maker.

But he's kind of spunky too. Here's a playful little video of him...until it gets gross! But I was right in the middle of changing a poopy diaper and couldn't move, but had to just hurry and grab the nearby camera with one hand for a second...


Ashton is much more cautious and won't attempt walking unless he can already have his hands on the goal destination. Phoenix would just start trying to walk with nothing in sight to grab onto and just fall down when he couldn't make it. Ashton had better balance long before Phoenix though, and I have no doubt he could walk if he wasn't such a chicken. Ashton also contemplates things more. Whenever I try to hand him a piece of something, by the time he's decided he wants it, Phoenix has already taken it. And he just wants to be by you and be loved. He's also my cute little eye-batter and check out the jiggle-shaking dance moves (the slight look of terror is because we left him alone without anything to hold on to):


They each seem to have their "things," too. Like cars - Ashton loves to be holding onto cars all the time. Especially Lightning McQueen if he can find him. He gets very upset when you take Lightning McQueen from him. Don't know why he's so particular.

But Phoenix - well, the kid loves socks. Loves socks. Loves to eat socks. Weird. Unfortunately he's usually finding socks we've just taken off of someone. Maybe they're flavorful?

These kids are funny though. Sometimes I'm not sure they like each other that much because all they do is steal stuff from one another and scream (toy had just been stolen when this video started).


These were the mild ones since I just happened to already be filming when they started fighting. And usually during the shrieking, tantrum-throwing ones I'm busy intervening. But then often, they do like following each other around and getting into mischief together, which is fun to watch.

And then sometimes in this house everybody just wants to do what everybody else is doing. Whatever.

Did I mention we've been getting 8 molars in the last month? Misery and Woe are apparently horrible teethers. My, oh my.

Um, and can someone put this kid on a diet?


Julie M. said...

They are SO stinkin' cute! I need some of your boy vibes. I LOVE the dancing, I can't get over his cute belly shakin'!!

SuburbiaMom said...

Different personalities--but all so cute!!

Anonymous said...

What fun we are going to have when Grammy gets there next Tuesday!

Loved all the photos and videos.


Chadlee said...

Those videos are so funny. Obviously never a dull moment at your place. That's cute about their personalities.

Chadlee said...

Also thanks for the advice and encouragement you left on my blog recently, I appreciate it!

Melanie said...

Everyone looks great. The amount of video and pictures you take puts me to shame! Harrison loves watch the videos and said yesterday, "I want to go to cash's house." "We will we will" I told him so I guess that's a promise!

Julie said...

Oh this made my morning! Holy cow! I just looked at the clock. I am going to be late, but I had so much fun watching the videos and looking at the pictures. The boys are so cute! I miss you guys all so much! I officially got the job yesterday. But is that good or bad? I mean good, but now I see these kids and I think, I need to play with them and not work!!!! I am so looking forward to July!!!!


Krista said...

love the videos...it makes me miss that stage believe it or not. I feel bad about the teething part...no fun at all. hang in there, you are such a cute mom.

The Freemans said...

They are DARLING!!!

H. said...

So fun to get to know these kiddos. Congrats on convincing Mom to come out again. YAY! And then on to 2nd year. But at least the kiddos didn't get parasites at the beach!