Friday, April 17, 2009

I am not one to encourage mobility

This whole walking thing has brought me to a new level of craziness and lack of control over my children (if I ever consider there was any). Some of you have had twins before, some with an older sibling, and some of have multiple kids - how on earth do you go to the playground anymore? I am such an out of control spectacle. I usually just have to leave Ashton to fend for himself while I run after Phoenix, until I remember that Ashton tries to eat everything (like you couldn't guess that by looking at him). So the other day, when I remembered to look over at Ashton, he's red in the face and choking on something. So I run to him and right as I'm about to sweep his mouth, he throws up all over me because a leaf was stuck in his throat. So I have to run to the stroller to get some wipes to clean up me and the mess. Meanwhile, I look over and see Phoenix climbing up the play equipment (we don't have stairs, I didn't know he could do them) and almost ready to plummet off the side so I have to sprint over to him. Then I'm realizing that Cash has decided to run off and play on the grass which freaked me out because I couldn't find him for a minute so I'm running around looking for him ... at which point I'm sure all the other parents there are just thinking "lady, you are in way over your head" and I decide it's definitely time to leave.

I have no idea how to do it! But we have to get out of the house. And if I didn't have Cash, I wouldn't think we'd have to go to the playground at all, and in fact sometimes I try to just go on walks at the park and see how many times I can circle around before Cash is dying to go to the playground and wondering why in the world we're not stopping. It was so much easier before they were mobile.

And then - we attempted the beach again. While this looks like it should have been fun, it wasn't.

It was worse. Much, much worse. I told Ryan we were just supposed get over the sand eating. He told me there are parasites in the sand. Great. The babies kept crawling into the water, of course eating everything, and then the last straw was the sand in the eyes and the rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, until they were both screaming, screaming, screaming. There's just no way to clean them off. And then if you attempt to clean them off, you can't set them down anywhere... and then how do you pack up all your stuff... I don't know. And then getting everyone clean enough and changed for the car... and it all pretty much ends up like this:

We decided we're just not going for another year.

Well, actually, for the last little while all I keep saying to myself is when my mom comes, when my mom comes. Then I'll try to go do something again. She comes next week for another month. Did I mention how excited I am? I begged her to help give me one more push to get through this first year (second year starts in July and is supposed to be better), and Ryan is on call three weekends in May - meaning he's pretty much working for an entire month straight. Not fun.


LuAnn said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe this. I am the 1st person to comment on a post! I certainly can't offer any sound advice except to go on a serious hunt for a gated park. Or is there a conference room or something in your building where they could go run around? How far is the church? It must be tormenting to have so many beaches that you can't enjoy. You are so lucky to have your mom. She is wonderful.

I'm curious...what car seats are those? Is that the Radian? Looks like they fit really well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those golden curls! They are coming along so beautifully.

I can hardly wait to get there, but I think you and Cash should go to the beach and have a great time, and I will take babies to the park and tell them every nursery rhyme I know as we go along and around and around in the stroller. And I know a lot of them! Jen, do you remember the time you drove to St. George with Duane. You sat in the middle seat on the bench-thing with your arm around his neck and told him nursery rhymes for hours in the night. In the morning he said, "I had no idea there were so many nursery rhymes." I can go on and on for quite a while with them while you enjoy the beach. We never take just a plain walk. I recite to them or sing to them the whole way.

Melanie said...

Gosh Jen you are a trooper! Just some thoughts -
1. Do the twins have pacifiers? Maybe let them have them at the beach and park so they dont put things in their mouths?
2. Maybe just let them run around in a grass area. No play equipment to fall off. You could bring balls to kick? Beach balls are fun to kick and they can be blown up so they travel small.
3. Is there a gymboree in your area? May be pricey but may keep you sane. They offer great indoor kid friendly classes. Cash is old enough for a drop off class (one hour of class with other kids and a teacher). Then you could do a class with the twins.
4. Thank God for you mom!!! Hang in there!!

Laurie said...

Your three naked babies in car seats reminded me of how many times I stripped down my kids, and I still make them undress if they are too dirty. No advice, it will end and you will make it. Sanity is a state of mind. Go for the church gym and start a play group there once a week. It will get hot and humid soon, so you won't want to be at the park except in the eve when Ryan might be home. Good luck, you are in my prayers

SuburbiaMom said...

You poor woman--not fun is right! Is your patio big enough to have one of those little Tykes slides? They're really small but perfect for toddlers.

The beach--it's a love/hate relationship with any ages of children--love the beach, hate all the sand that comes home with you (in mouths, all body crevices...)

We always brought along baby powder in our beach bag-- it's great for brushing sand off of bodies and hands.

Maybe you can switch off watching kids with a friend and then you can have one day a week with just yourself (or with Cash) and take him to the park, beach, or just get the shopping done. I've been doing this for years and it's wonderful. (Of course, you do have to watch your friend's kids once a week as well, but they usually play with your own kids).

Good luck!

Shelley said...

Oh Jen! What a beautiful family you have, and HELLOOOO hot mama! Thanks for your little blurb a while ago on my blog- it meant a lot to me, it just took me forever to tell you.

Jess said...

I only have two...3.5 and 17 months. But, you described my experience anytime both girls are out of the stroller.
Your park story is very similar to my time at the Children's ER here. My 17 month old was running into patient rooms everytime I tried to help the 3 year old.
I totally feel your pain, just minus one more kid to chase.
You are so lucky to have your mom for a whole month!

Ty and Trista Swartzlander said...

I think babies need to be a bit older before they can walk. A walking one year old is a dangerous object. They have no sense of self preservation, no balance, and are hopped up on some kind of toddler crack that makes them hyper. Not a good combo. Good luck with that.

Aloha_Misty said...

I am so not good at the three kid thing. I am fine with the third baby but my other two kids have been so very hard! I am just so crazy I don't have time to blog on the bad days...Every time I think I can't handle it I always think...well I guess I should buck up they aren't twins. That would be REALLY HARD!

Byron & Susan said...

I suggest finding all inclosed parks without sand or wood chips (Dexter loved those). I find my kids are a lot less whiney when they are in fresh air especially a couple hours before bedtime (their worst hours) also not as hot. I'd forgo the beach for a while unless you bring help along. It gets easier as they grow more independent and less likely to put everything in their mouths. Only 6 mos. to go! Good luck :)

Angie said...

I second all the ideas about an enclosed park. And finding one that has the spongy surface instead of woodchips/sand will help with the eating. Otherwise, you might want to invest in leashes for the little ones and let them run/fall down to wear them out. Can you get together with another mom friend and go to the park? That way you can help each other watch the combined children. Even though the number of children is multiplied, it really does help just to have another set of eyes and arms looking out.

And as for parasites in the sand, just think of how strong their little immune systems will be! Good luck, your mom will be there soon.

Allysha said...

This is exactly why I hardly go anywhere with just me and all my kids. Especially since Oliver hit the "boy is it fun to run away from Mom and all over (where ever it is we're at) stage"
I *heart* the backyard! :)

Stefanie Miller said...

Ang was generously observing the other day that things are tougher with my two children, ages 3 and 14 months, than her three children, ages 3, 2, and 3 months, because the 2 year old is old enough to work with a little more, and the 3 month old is not mobile, whereas my 14 month old is pulling trash out of the garbage and eating sidewalk chalk and tipping drinks over every time I turn around... thank goodness for stages, eh?

Anonymous said...

Baby Powder is your friend re: sand. Pack it along when you go to the beach.