Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I love that this is what we get now when we say "smile." And yes, we're just that lame as to use tupperware for an Easter basket. At least we had Easter eggs this year.

Easter egg hunt over the weekend:

Ain't nothing like trying to get a good picture in this house.

I guess the only good thing about not being able to produce any girls is that you feel like you should buy someone an Easter dress. :)


Melanie said...

Happy Easter! I think you look so beautiful in the picture with all your silly boys! Happy days!

Anonymous said...

Darling photos! Wonder Easter dress.
Thank you, Cash, for such a good Easter report over the phone. You are such a big boy.

I love you all.


Anonymous said...

YOU LOOK SO PRETTY! Happy Easter! Hope you guys had a great day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cash, you are so cute!!!! What a face!!!


Shauna said...

Jen as always you are beautiful!!
and your boys look darling!

Tara said...

Love the that the J-Crew one? We need to see you guys. It feels like it has been forever. We have had visitors in town and my sisters come in tonight for another week. We will have to get together after that. If you mom in town yet? I can't remember if that was April or May. Anyway...Happy Easter. Cute little family!

Lima Bean said...

I know. On Easter morning I thought to myself, oh it would have been nice to have a new easter dress and then I looked down at my huge belly and had a good laugh. Like I'm going to spend money on a maternity easter dress. And it's just not that fun to buy boys a new easter outfit. So my boys wore what they always wear to church. And I wore all black. Awesome.

Jenilee said...

Jen you look gorgeous! Happy Easter. What a happy family you have!

Anonymous said...

Everybody looks great!


Rachel said... look absolutely beautiful!