Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear Babies

October 19th. The one year anniversary of this little discovery:

In commemoration, I have a few thoughts for you, babies.

Dear Babies:

Sometimes I wish I could stick you back inside of me for a little while - just so I had an excuse to still be fat.

When you were growing fetuses I used to take naps every day. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED????

Do you remember nights when you were in the womb? Whenever I would roll over, whoever ended up on the bottom would start kicking the one who ended up on top in protest. I was annoyed because I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't help smiling at the consistency of always wanting to be the one on top.

Are you ever going to realize that you're not really doing anything? Yeah, yeah, I know there are millions of little neurons firing and pathways making connections, but sometimes I just look at you and think, aren't you bored? How many times can you really play with your toes without thinking - hmm, this is getting old. Like one day aren't you going to wake up and just think, hey I don't feel like staring at things and drooling today.

Remember that day when everyone of us in the house actually took a good nap - all at the same time? Yeah, me neither.

You are not very graceful teethers. You guys will owe me for that some day.

I will admit that on occasion, and I mean rare occasion, I have actually been excited for you to wake up because I know that this will greet me:


I love that you boys can drink your bottles with your feet sticking straight up in the air. Bet you have a six-pack under all that chub. (I say this when I look in the mirror too.)

And I love that I can walk over and tell when you pulled your bottles out and have been trying to get them back in: your face is dotted with milk - eyelids, forehead, cheeks...but you still haven't gotten it back in your mouth. So cute.

I love that you guys find each other entertaining. The first time I caught a glimpse of this it made me so happy. We came home and it was late, you were cranky. I put you both on the playmat thinking you would cry your heads off within 30 seconds. But then I got busy, putting things away, getting dinner ready, and kept thinking, wow, I can't believe they're not freaking out yet. Then I heard giggles. And I saw you looking at each other and giggling. I only caught a little on video. But it made me very hopeful for the future - like I hope you keep each other entertained a lot.


Everyone always asks us if we can tell personality differences yet. Not too much. People will say one of you is the happy one, but the next day it will be the other one. The only thing that has remained the same is that Phoenix, you are still the spaz. You were that way from the womb. Ashton was content to just chill, and Phoenix was always the one bumping around. Even now, you are always moving your hands or feet or wiggling all over the place, and Ashton is still just content to lay there and look chubby.

Good thing you're getting a lot cooler now. I wouldn't want to re-live the last almost 8 months again for anything. Unless I had to go through it again to have you.


Jorgenson Clan said...

That ultrasound makes me nauseous (if I had spell check on this thing I could make sure that was spelled correctly =) That brings back so many memories of being stuffed with 2. Holy Cow! It is awesome though isn't? I can honestly say it is getting easier (not easy though), almost 2 years later. I didn't think this day would ever come. Your boys are too cute and I swear there will be a time when we wish they were babies again when life's temptations weren't a factor. They grow too fast. Okay this is not a blog post, it is supposed to be a comment....sorry! =)

The Spendloves said...

Crap! This is the exact post that Shawn wanted me to make two weeks ago and I totally forgot. He's going to see this and remind me again that you are a much better blogger than I am. Whoops!

Seriously, what a year...

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

might I add:

"...and babies...could you please send a message to your little buddies you were chillin' with in heaven to tell them the McEwan family would like 1 or 2 or even 3 of y'all. I'm not sure if you still have communications with them...but we need a better messenger than our pleas...oh...and give your mom a break. She needs a weekend of pampering. Let daddy know!"

Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable! I can hardly wait to get there.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Ahh, sweet, Jen. And btw, your videos aren't working. (At least not for me.)

Anonymous said...

Great blog again. Darling photos and the videos are fun. Thanks from really old auntie in AZ.

Stefanie Miller said...

Thanks for sharing such sweet things with all of us. I can't think of anything that would make it all worth it but a baby. Or in your case, babies.

Aimee said...

I love this post! What an excellent recap of the year. Those pictures are so stinking cute. And thanks for the reminder to enjoy my naps...

Rochelle said...

What sweeties. The feet up while drinking a bottle is hilarious. The ultrasound picture is really birthed two babies! Give yourself some serious credit for the last 8 months!!!

Anne Marie said...

What a great letter. I wish I had been blogging the first year of my twins' lives. You will seriously love having all these posts re-capping your life. Your little guys are absolutely adorable.

Melanie said...

Your blog is such a great journal! I just think you and the boys are going to be reading this years from now and laugh. They will feel so loved that you took the time to make these memories last. Dont we all wish we could have such detailed documentation of our childhood?! Luck boys!