Monday, September 17, 2007

Sleep Part I

Two weekends ago Ryan's work took us on a retreat to nearby Lake Geneva. It was a nice weekend, mostly full of food and conferences. Cash and I avoided the conferences, except the financial one, which Ryan made me go to. We also went on a boat cruise around Lake Geneva.

(Cash enjoying the booze cruise)

Anyway, it was a good time. Since then though, I've still been thinking about this - our hotel room had a big shower with no bathtub. The pack 'n play fit exactly inside the shower. So that's where Cash slept. I was just waiting for him to start playing around in there and turn the shower on himself, but instead, he slept like a dream. We put him in, he went right to sleep. Didn't make a peep the whole night, and woke up at 9:30am - two nights in a row. Wow. The first night we get back home, he fusses around for an hour before he falls asleep, I hear him multiple times throughout the night, he's awake and babbling in his crib from 4-5am, then up at 7:30am.

Why was the shower in the bathroom in the hotel so magical??? It was pitch black in there. But I've got blackout lining over the windows in his room - it's doesn't block out everything, but it stays fairly dark in there. The hotel staff even had the pack 'n play set up wrong the first night so it was all bunched up and overlapping - seemed really uncomfortable to me. Anyway, if anyone has the answer to this magical sleeping, let me know!! I want to stick him back in the bathroom!

The other funny thing about Cash sleeping was something we discovered the other night. Usually we put him down and leave the room, so I never know what goes on after we leave, but it often does take him a while to fall asleep. Well, the other night Ryan and I needed to fix something on the window before we left, so we put him in and then proceeded to fix the window. Let me pause briefly to tell a funny story. A few weeks ago, our friend Chy Ayn from NY emailed and said they were at dinner discussing their need for haircuts, which led them to saying they missed us, and then out of the blue their (3 or 4 year-old?) daughter Claire says, "And that Cash is just a little RASCAL!!" Well, case in point - this time when we actually stayed in the room after putting Cash down in his crib, we saw what really goes on. He lays there for a second. Then he gets up and starts jumping on the bed. And falls down laughing. Then gets up and does it again, over and over. No wonder it takes him an hour to fall asleep at night! And no wonder we hear all sorts of squealing over the monitor! He really is a rascal!!


Brooke said...

My sister Tennille always puts her youngest kid in the closet when they're on trips, if the closet is big enough of course. When they were going on a cruise once, she made him take naps in the closet, just to get ready for the trip. I should tell her about the shower though. I don't think she's ever thought of that.

Corinne said...

Lake Geneva!!! My aunt used to take us swimming there when I was a kid! Crazy. We always put the portacrib in the closet, if the hotel has one. The bathroom is a great idea!!

chyayn said...

haha WHAT A RASCAL!!:)