Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Mars Cheese Castle

Seriously, could you come up with a more intriguing name that could make me want to visit a store any more? Finally, my curiosity was satisfied this weekend when my sister Julie and her boys were in town and we payed a visit to the Mars Cheese Castle. Now, in all honesty, it really doesn't look much like a castle, and I thought maybe they would at least have blocks of cheese formed into castles, but I didn't see any. I did however, see blocks of cheese in the shapes of a cow, the state of Wisconsin, hearts, and beer mugs. Good enough. And I did get to sample tons of different cheeses, including chicken noodle soup cheese (true to taste), and the squeakiest squeaky cheese I've ever had. Julie even brought home some chocolate fudge cheese. (I've still been too chicken to try it. I love chocolate and I love cheese. I would hate for anything to traumatize that....)

(This packaged cheese is supposed to be an "I heart WI", I think.)

We also visited Apple Holler, and had the BEST buffet breakfast there. Nothing gourmet, but some mmmmmmm, this is seriously good breakfast food - including cheesy potatoes, biscuits, sausage and gravy, apple fritters, and on and on. Plus they have a bunch of stuff for the kids - mazes, bounce houses, pony rides, hay rides, etc. Didn't pick any apples (didn't want to feel obligated to do something with a whole 1/2 bushel - the smallest amount you could pick), but we had a great time.

Mostly Cash was just in heaven having two boys to chase around all weekend. And they're the perfect ages - they think he's cute, not annoying. Good thing, because Cash insisted on walking around like this most of the weekend:

And we also got to feed the ducks. Cash wasn't too happy that we kept throwing out perfectly good bread.

Awesome time. We were sad to see them go. And it's so much more effort to entertain!!


sarahdavemalcolm said...

So you've got the cheese, don't forget the crackers! I get hungry when I read your blog. I can't wait for Cash and Malcolm to play again.

Corinne said...

MAN - I KNEW I was missing out!! Cheese is truly something to be excited about. I love that you are doing all of these neat things with your FABULOUS little family! What a beautiful son you have. I am thrilled that we are getting to keep in touch now - I've put you in my bloglines!!