Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My life

I've been thinking about my life lately. I've got it pretty good. Here's a summary -

  • Ryan got home around 1pm all last month. This month he's on call overnight (30+ hours at the hospital) every 4th night, but then the other days he's home by 3pm, if not earlier. Seriously not bad for residency.

  • We got a Blockbuster membership and watch at least a few movies a week. Two in a day is the max. Yep, we got lots of time on our hands.

  • Cash is at an awesome age. He's so content just walking around now, and he entertains himself really well. He seems to have a good attention span for a kid his age and can focus on one toy for a long time. (For a long time like months and months. Poor deprived child doesn't have many toys.) He's really easy-going and mild mannered.

  • I'm a lucky wife. I hear other moms talk about their husband's obsessions. Ryan has his obsessions, but these guys - sheesh. As one wife put it, there is some sport on tv that occupies her husband 52 weeks out of the year. Or there's video gaming, or being into motorcycles.... I'm pretty lucky. Ryan is mostly just obsessed with finances and our future. And that's a not a bad thing....

  • And he's a fantastic dad. Seriously, after we had Cash I realized, Oh, this is your thing. He doesn't like to cook, he's not a cleaner or an organizer, but he's a really really good dad. That's when he's totally in his element. I was a little stunned over the weekend when a friend said she went out of town for a few days and had to write ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING down for her husband - he'd never even given the kid a bath before! I really am into this dual parenting thing. I don't know what I'll do when reality hits next year and Ryan REALLY has to start working like a doctor. It's been awesome.

  • I haven't even had a church calling to take up my time! Neither has Ryan. Serious church vacation this year, I guess. Ok, so I did just get one this Sunday - play group coordinator. Yeah, I had to do a, "Sorry? What was that you said?" Yeah, I didn't know that was a calling either. Like I said, not to serious of a year. :)

  • I guess if Ryan were to add his opinion to my list of bliss, he would say that he gets free food at the hospital, which he often brings home. I'm still not sure that all the hospital food you can eat is really a good thing.

So there's my list. And now you can see why we moved all the way out of the way - just for an easy year. And we may be mad at ourselves when we have to pack up and move again next year. Grrrrrr. But until then, we'll enjoy living the good life.


Shannon said...

Jenn I am so happy you and Ryan are getting a breather. Everyone needs a year to breath. Ryan is pretty wonderful. You match each other!

Corinne said...

What a wonderful time for you guys! I remember the semester right after he finished his masters and we had four months of working until he took his last class for his PhD. Those four months were so lovely (if only I hadn't been morning sick the ENTIRE time...). Having a husband around is truly lovely. Live it up this year!

Laurie said...

That's great Jen! We know what it is like to have school be a pain. I bet you will still be glad you did this even after you move AGAIN!

Ben and Laura said...

Who knew you could find the good life in Milwaukee?!
So glad that this is a good time of life for you both!