Thursday, February 3, 2011


I love that Cash seems to have inherited my disability for determining song lyrics.  I still get made fun of by Ryan for singing along to a song with totally wrong words that make no sense at all.  The other day I had Cash unloading the silverware and as he was putting a butter knife in the drawer I heard him sing, "like a knife at night," instantly recognizing the tune as "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz (the line he was singing is supposed to be like it's dynamite).  I had no idea he knew that song!  We listen to the radio, but it wasn't one we necessarily play a lot or have around our house. So I was quite amused as he continued and all the lyrics related to things he knows.  So instead of  Sayin' ay-o, gotta let go, it comes out as "Say Diego, got a Lego...."  Love it.

Then when we went to the hockey game, the kids first heard "We Will Rock You" by Queen and became instant fans.  Although this fondness was first discovered when we kept hearing him sing, "Feed the, feed the rocket.  Rocket."   Because why wouldn't that make more sense to a 4 year-old than we will rock you?  Even Phoenix has stood up on the bench and done a lovely rendition of this in the middle of sacrament meeting.  Awesome.

In fact just to test my theory that they're picking up more than I realize, the other day I started out the Rhianna song, "Oh, na na..." and then stopped, and all three kids filled in, "...what's my name..."   Great. Makes me realize I better watch what we listen to around here since you never know what may come out during sacrament meeting.  :)

And I had to document the first, "Look mom! I drew a picture of you!"  This was one he drew a few months back.  At the time, I'd never seen him draw a person or a stick figure (let alone one of us), and he'd never really discussed my pregnant condition, so I had to laugh when out of nowhere he drew this picture of me:

So proud that my girth was such an inspiration. 

Cash is doing great in school, can read quite a bit, knows when all the kids birthdays are at school, and is already sad for next year when he'll have to miss all his friend's birthdays since he'll be going to another school. He asks me cute things like "When I'm 10 years old will I still be your kid?"  And says he doesn't want to become and old man or have body hair that makes him look like a monkey like dad. Or when I put on my fat pants for the billionth time during this pregnancy he says, "Why do you have to wear those pants every day?!?!?" He's also sad that when he's 5 he won't be home for naps (even though he rarely takes them).  Darn that all-day kindergarten in Miami.  Now we're just waiting to see if we happen to get the lottery for any of the schools we're trying to get him in. Stress.


lindsy said...

I love the funny mixed up words to the songs (how do you remember those to write them down?!) You have some sweet little boys :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I also mix up words but I don't think mine are ever cute like that! Cash is so darling! Sure love that boy! Miss you guys! What a fun post!


PS It is good you write them down. I always figured I'd remember stuff and then I sure don't. That's what is hard.


Mike & Britt said...

Your kids crack me up! It's those cute moments and hilarious comments that make us thankful we have kids (:

Anonymous said...

I loved his singing, his photo, and definitely the artwork! I can hardly wait to see that Cash on March 9 -- and Ashton and Phoenix, of course! And new baby!


Tania said...

Oh we just love Cash!

Of course they would sing the words that are from their point of reference. SOOO cute. Jane always sings things like that too - only, over & over again, until I have one incorrect phrase stuck in my head all day.

Those adorable moments make all the tough one's worth it.

LuAnn said...

Ha ha. Too funny. You know that song "I'm your Venus"...I thought it was "I'm your fetus" until they used in the razor commercial. Being your fetus is intimate, too, right? If I would have thought about it for just a second, but no, I don't care what it is saying..I just sing along and if it sounds close it works for me. I honestly never think about the words in songs...I listen to the different sounds. Anyway...we haven't talked in a long time so we should soon.


Melanie said...

You have a great little boy! I love that he makes the lyrics to the songs make since to him. Really when you take them literally lyrics are pretty silly already. My favorite lyric "This boogie is for real." Canned heat by Jamerique (sp?) It just makes me crack up!