Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We had  such a fun birthday party for the twins on Saturday.

(Ok, some people still managed to be grumpy for some of it, of course.)

And it's miraculous to say it was so fun since by weather standards it was a total disaster!  I don't understand why their birthday is destined to be rained out every year!  But at least it wasn't quite as much of a disaster as last year.  But seriously, it was a freakishly cold day - the coldest in over a month, and when the first guest pulled up to the park at 9:30 - it started raining.  And rained for two hours - until we pulled out of the park to leave.  Just my luck. Thank goodness I had decided to do it at the only park with a fully covered pavilion that I even know of, so we toughed out the cold and partied on.

The twins wanted a Diego party so I did my best on an attempted jungle cake and set up an animal rescue mission for the kids to go on (not exactly how I'd planned with the weather but we improvised).  We had to find and rescue baby bunny who was stuck in a tree, which involved following the map, figuring out directions, getting the bunny out of the tree and doctoring up his wounds, and figuring out which animal tracks to follow to get him back to his mommy.  Since no Diego adventure would be complete without it, we had tools (magnifying glasses, compass rings, whistles, etc.) to help us rescue the bunny in everyone's Rescue Packs:

Then throw on some Diego music and a bubble machine and who knew kids could be entertained for so long?  Guess that's the beauty of a rainy day.

(Although some people are entertained by lesser means.)

(Almost had some eyelash singe on the candle blowing.) 

And there's only one real way to eat your birthday cake, of course.

Anyway, I can't believe we have so many great friends that braved the rain and 50 degree weather to have our party with us - it made it memorable at least!  

Enjoying their presents:

Phew. Thank heavens the twos are over.  That was a rough year.

*And no one tell them their birthday is really on the 24th, as far as they know it's over and done (before this baby comes along!  :)


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Jenilee said...

You are amazing for doing such a fun party being so close to having a baby!

Anonymous said...

How fun was that? Great cake! Fun time was had by all the chilly participants, I'm sure.

Love, Grammy

Rochelle said...

Fun! Great job on the cake! And I am super impressed you had that many guests!!! You are brave and a good mom too!

AnnaMarie said...

Ok, such a cool party! Katie is completely obsessed with Diego. Way to go, even with the rain. I'm glad so many people helped you celebrate!

lindsy said...

Wow what a fun party! I love the little rescue packs :) Hope everything goes smoothly with that new baby soon!!

Mike & Britt said...

Such a fun party and you're just too creative! AND so brave taking it all on at 9 months pregnant. You rock! Good luck this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Tell the boys we just got about 6 inches of snow today! It started out lovely but windy and about 50 degrees, now I have heard the snowplow come down our street about six times. Are you getting some good naps before the big weekend?

We are so excited for all of you!


Shannon said...

Jenn what a great party! Lucky you getting the pavilion park. Your cake looked great. Anxiously waiting for the baby post. Who isn't.