Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh what do you do when you're stuck inside?

Ok, this is the last post mentioning being sick with SF sice we're all done with that now, but I just saw a few more pictures I thought I'd post. Like this one of Phoenix - by the end of the first week he kept lifting up his shirt to take his temperature with the thermometer.

And being home gave us time to finally do some projects around the house (ok, one, but that's more than usual). It was fun watching Cash be so excited to learn the manly art of power tools.

And all I can say is thank heavens for the Bookmobile - the mobile library van that comes to the park right in front of our house every Saturday. The kids came home all stocked up with movies for the second long week at home. It's so great though - we order books, movies, new releases - whatever and they bring it right to us. I don't know if it's a common thing elsewhere, but if you don't have a bookmobile, you are missing out!

And as a last resort for those home-bound or rainy day activities, you can always move your couch and let your children entertain themselves with all the treasures they find under there. We started to clean it up, but everyone was so occupied we decided to leave them be.

Ok, he happened to stuff popcorn that he found under the couch in his mouth right as I took the picture - this wasn't encouraged. Even I have my limits.


Anonymous said...

Great photos - glad we saw them. I am so happy you are over the flu and happy to see the darling faces again when they are not miserable. Good projects, good for the Bookmobile, good to check the fever often.


Sharon said...

Before I read about that last picture, I thought you had an easter morning flashback!

Anonymous said...

I love the library, or in your case the Bookmobile! It is so nice to let your kids get all they want for free!!!! It's the one place you can go and they can say can I get this, can I have this, and you can say, yes!!!! It seems like you leave feeling like you've struck gold! It's so weird, but it still happens even now with my boys!


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is why grandma signs grammy for the younger kids, and Carolyn to us...

Anonymous said...

Because Jennie asked if her children could call me Grammy, and I said yes.
And when the older ones call me Grammy or Grandma, it sounds like I am ancient!
They are adults and can treat me like one.