Friday, August 28, 2009

The week

So the week started off with a broken refrigerator. Wow - how did people do it in the old days??! That was terrible. It gets a little weirder though - we had some friends live a few floors up from us and they were also doing residency here. Well, their different landlords went into foreclosure twice while they lived in this building, so they had to move. Well, the second time, they only had two months left here until they finished out their residencies and were moving to Ohio, and they weren't about to go through finding another place and moving all over again. So they squatted. For two months. They would always say it was a little nerve-racking walking up to your apartment and hoping your stuff would still be there. Anyhow, they just left the place unlocked when they left, which has actually proved to be pretty useful. We got some old hangers, an air mattress, and just looked for whatever else was left that might be useful. Well, when our fridge went out, I told Ryan that if it wasn't going to get fixed immediately, I was going to go see if their place was still open and put our stuff in their fridge - or we could even just switch them if it was taking too long. Ryan thought for sure their place would have been taken over or the electricity turned off by now, but lucky for us, it wasn't. We had some other friends down the hall who's fridge broke one time, and they just hurried and called us to come take all their food that was going to go bad - it was just their loss. Really lucky for us. But knowing that I still had a family to feed and I needed food around (plus all the money we'd lose having to toss or give away all our food), I couldn't do that - and luckily we had an alternative.

But then it was a little weird. Babies waking up at 6am that need milk. So trekking up to the 7th floor half awake at 6am and passing people as I'm coming back with a measuring cup full of milk. Or still being in my pajamas at 8am and coming back down with a really weird assortment like a tray full of ice, a few eggs, a bowl of beets, half a package of cream cheese and an open tupperware with jam in it (that I'd had a fight with while trying to balance all that stuff on my way out their door and my white pajama pants lost). I'm pretty sure my expression was an obvious - oh great, it's you people, as the elevator door opened and I looked up to see all the hotties in the building all gussied up on their way to work staring back at me. And I had bed head and jam pants. So whatever, I was grateful for the spare fridge for the few days we had to use it, but I'm sure the opinions people harbor of our weirdness definitely skyrocketed.

Other than that, the week was filled with sick, sick kids and then a sick, sick mom, and a husband who had something every night after work. Ugh. By the end of my sickest day, my kids even just automatically came into the bathroom to find me. I even tried calling a babysitter. I wasn't sure my kids were even going to eat that day. But we made it. It was nasty, diapers were overflowing, and the tv was on non-stop from morning until night, but we made it. And the only small pleasure I had was watching the scale go down and down all throughout the day to numbers I haven't seen in years (but knowing that would all come back as soon as I could hold anything in sort of detracted from the bliss). I recommend it next time you're sick though - you're in the bathroom anyway and at least it will make you feel better about something. :)

Even with everyone sick, there was still plenty of room for the usual shenanigans.

(I figured I'd just let him go for it - it was probably better if he mastered climbing up into the stroller than me constantly pulling him down. The lamp is another matter, of course.)

Can I just say how obsessed Cash is with these goggles? He usually is seen walking around the halls here with them on, paired with his mismatched crocs on the wrong feet and the ridiculous outfits he puts together. He even insists on wearing them as sunglasses in the car. I'm really tempted to roll down the window when we pull up next to another car and just let him give his usual stare-down.

Anyhow, sorry for the lame post, but I hope the rest of you had a better week!


Anonymous said...

So sorry you are sick. So sorry the fridge went out. I CAN see it all now! I can imagine the whole thing. What a week!

Love you all,

Melanie said...

Never ever is your blog lame. Sorry to hear you were sick. Im sure there were days you wondered if you could make it through.
I completely understand the weirdness of a broken fridge. Our fridge broke and Doreen let us use a fridge in an empty house down the street. So much like you I was walking through the neighborhood in jammies and no bra in order to have milk and eggs. Some mornings I would just throw on a scub top in order to blend in with the usual crowd on our street.

SuburbiaMom said...

Glad the fridge is in order again and that y'all's health is on the mend. Not fun....

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh yuck, I love your blog. :) My friend's son was just like that with goggles. He'd protect himself from the microwave rays.

Lima Bean said...

I agree that you haven't ever done a lame post.

I'm still laughing about the bowl of beets. Were you eating them for breakfast?

Anonymous said...

Will Cash to go preschool this year -- to knock them dead with his goggles? What did you decide about that?


Safire said...

Wow, rough week for you! Hoping that you posting means that you're all feeling a little bit better. (BTW, we have that SAME LAMP...and I have a little person who does the SAME THING to it.) Anyway, I would have just switched fridges and been done with it. ;) Glad you survived!

Susie said...

Sorry but if we had a lineup of you with your bedhead and pajamas next to the hotties on their way to work YOU'D WIN HANDS DOWN! Put yourself down the road 30 years with your current challenges bringing their children over to visit grandma and ask yourself who you'd rather be in 30 years?

Anonymous said...

I love that Ryan is wearing goggles in the background of that picture too. Like father like son...Love you all!