Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coming home

So Ryan, hope you enjoyed your month of bachelorhood. (I finally realized - hey, wait a minute - why don't you take the kids and go away for a month!?) I'm sure Ryan missed us though. We sure missed him and we're anxious to come home. This is the first time I've been really ready to leave Utah. And the first time I've seen my mom really ready for us to leave. Did anyone catch her comment a while back where she said "how fun and darling they usually are, except when teething or sick." Well, guess what? They have been teething and/or sick the whole time we've been here - so I wonder what that means? :) (Why, oh why do my kids scream and get crazy for weeks surrounding the breaking of each new tooth rather than just days?)

Anyway, my mom has been amazing as always, but yeah, we're a handful. And these babies are at such a hard age that it just wears you out. Nothing can just be fun with them because within minutes of any activity or moving to a new room, they've found exactly what they shouldn't find or are obsessed with going exactly where they shouldn't go and it's all a constant and unpleasant battle after that. And it must be time to leave because these kids look a little banged up - we've got black eyes, bruised foreheads, cut noses, scratches, scrapes, and who knows what all over these boys. We're not used to this many hazards and this many ways to get into mischief I guess.

Like every time I go to the bathroom or answer the phone or basically just turn around, this is what I come back to:

(I think my mom is a little obsessed with her automatic pencil sharpener - I have never in my life seen so many murderously sharp pencils in one location.)

So Ryan, here's pretty much what you missed:

Wide open sidewalks and bare feet - what more do you need?

Always accompanied by a few "guess where I'm going - catch me if you can!" glances, inevitably leading to being fetched out of the gutter for the billionth time (apparently it holds the same fascination as the toilet).

Thank goodness for the times we had extra hands around, but yeah - we tired of that activity quickly. I always feel a little bad that my kids are getting robbed of their childhood - just being able to run around outside for hours on end, but they're just too crazy to keep control of. Maybe that's why they're so fat. :)

I love how this next picture somehow doesn't look too out of place with their build:

And don't they look like they're strategizing for their next play?

I guess I'm just happy anytime they look like they're playing together rather than just stealing toys from each other and shrieking.

Some of your kids even picked up weird habits.

Ashton is seirously obsessed with this now - putting his blankie over his head and just bonking around the house running into things and falling down. A little hazardous. I didn't catch much of the bonking - I'm usually busy trying to keep him from hurting himself. Every time I go into his room he's in his crib doing it, crashing into the sides and falling all over the place.

But I'm sure you'll be excited to come home to these faces again!

I should have gotten a better picture, but this was Cash's uniform the entire time we've been here - new swim trunks that my sister Julie bought him paired with an 18-24 month size swim shirt of the babies (yes it looks as small on him as it sounds). And a pair of black crocs on the wrong feet. Yeah, can't get him to wear anything else. (Thanks for that ugly spiderman swimsuit, Julie!! She even knew I wouldn't buy something like that for him so she just had to go ahead and do it! I'm pretty sure I won't ever be buying action figure wear for my kids until they're old enough to get a job and drive themselves to the store to buy it :) For church there is a lot of crying and the second we walk in the door from church he runs in the house and comes back to me with his uniform. Sometimes when a swim shirt was wet and he had to wear a different one, he carried the swim shirt in the car with us wherever we went. We even had a few nights of putting the uniform on over his pjs, since I said it was too cold in the basement to wear just shorts. Oh well, guess he was always ready for a little water action (which is somewhat ironic seeing how bad he hated swim lessons! Although he did stop crying by the last week, for the most part, thankfully).

I will say I'm already slightly sad thinking about our travels home - my sister is nice enough to take one of the babies with her just long enough to drop him off in Miami and fly all the way back home. But since she's flying standby and the flights look better on Tuesday, she'll be coming late Tuesday and we leave early Monday. The boys have never really been separated! I'm already sad missing my baby!

A million thanks to those who helped out with the kids while I was here though. It's sure nice to be around family or to go run errands while your kids are asleep and have some built in babysitters.

Anyway, we'll be home soon Ryan, so, um, brace yourself?


Gavin and Shawna said...

...there is just no place like home...however, where is your home?? my home is where there are beds for everyone, my own space and nothing for my kids to break...sadly, that is often not where i would have used have called home.

Tanya said...

Didn't I tell you that this age with twins is totally crazy! So far the hardet time yet in my limited 2 1/2 years experience. Give yourself a year of madness and then it lightens up....a little =) Just remember, one day crib tents will be your best friend =)

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Those boys are just so cute, but YES it's a crazy age...and I'm saying it was crazy with one girl at that age. :) You'll appreciate your kid-proof (at least more-so) home! And I'm sure Ryan missed them. I went away for a week and I missed Katie so much.

BTW, didn't comment, but LOVE your posts about shopping! The irony! :)

Sharon said...

yipee, we can hardly wait!!

Its so funny, Kiara has been singing this Cash song to Samuel and he just loves it!! He will be excited to have his friends back!

Marci said...

I have to wonder, do you have a camera holster or something where you can just whip it out at the right picture moment? How do you capture such precarious pics so often? I guess it's just a testiment to your life, huh? Sorry I didn't get back with you while I was in Utah, I think I read your comment the night before we flew back or something. And I'm ALWAYS ready to leave Utah, mostly because being on a trip (I say trip instead of vacation because of all the work involved) is hard work!!! I know Ryan will be glad to see his family, being a bachelor isn't all it's cracked up to be -- boring and lonely.

Anonymous said...

It's only 7 a.m. and Phoenix and I are already suffering from withdrawal, wondering where everyone is after your early morning (5 a.m.) departure.

Well, now it is 8 a.m. and when I dressed him, he then raced down the hallway calling, "Brother," and knocked on his door until I opened it. Very disappointing news, to be sure. He was nowhere to be found, probably flying over Denver at the moment.

They are darling, amazing children and we will all truly miss them. Jen is an incredible mother, keeping up with every detail, and nearly always keeping her cool -- at least longer than I.

Much love to all,

Anonymous said...

P.S. The boys leave my home especially adept at climbing - excellent, in fact!
And getting in, out, around, and over anything, any blockade. And you should see them both inside the Police Car built for one. Simply on top of each other, with legs sticking everywhere.

And their running has improved greatly!

LuAnn said...

Your boys will be jocks for sure and they will be totally attractive...playing sports together. Everyone will be talking about the Isom twins...and their hot, but enigmatic older brother. ;)

Anonymous said...


Gotta love running and chasing everywhere. This summer is my summer to sit on a lawn chair while my kids run around, knowing what the boundaries are, and big enough not to get hurt. Next summer I will be in your shoes. Well, half-way, since it's only one baby. So, your shoe.

So, am I right in my calculations that they will be in nursery soon? YAY!!! Maybe you can start thinking about worshipping while you are at church again!

Anonymous said...

So no one was there to see Grammy this morning with tears in her eyes as we drove to the airport. Jen of course teased that it was probably tears of joy, but I don't think so. Unless tears of joy in thanks for a wonderful daughter and 3 beautiful grandsons and an okay son in law. Just kidding Ryan, but I can't get too sappy here.

I've been feeling emotional for at least a week now as I've known what's coming. (Especially the part about flying with a 17 month old again! AHH! My 10 and 7 year olds have become a breeze!) Luckily 1 month from the time I drop off Phoenix I will be back in Florida to enjoy a day at Disneyworld with you guys! I'm sure that will be an adventure. Also I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of pictures for Jen to blog!

We love you guys! We've loved having you here. Oh yes, we are exhausted, but who wouldn't be after chasing those darling and energetic boys!!! You guys are amazing!

Lastly, thanks for the haircut. I can't even begin to tell you how many comments I got at church. In Primary no less!!!! :)

Safire said...

Good luck getting back home. This age is a trip!