Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catching up

Here are some random pictures of stuff we've done over the past few months. We went to the Everglades while Ryan's brother was in town. The trip started out like this (I know, the kids already look so happy).

Then we started seeing alligators. It was so surprising the first time you look over and see them RIGHT there on the side of the road. Ready to eat you. It was funny to see Ryan jump to the other side of the road with the stroller, his parental instincts kicking in.

Then we saw some tourists who said that about a mile down, there were like thousands of alligators in this big pond. So we walked. And walked. Because it must just be up around that bend. Or the next one. I was trying to be the voice of reason pointing out that we had three cranky kids, limited food and water, and that whatever distance we kept walking, we had to walk back.
Needless to say, the babies got tired of being in the stroller, and much of the trip was like this:

But I will say, I do love that picture. And then I flagged down the ranger to give us a ride back (of course those guys would have been too proud to do it.) And the ranger didn't even know what "thousands" of alligators they had been talking about.

Beaching it with some friends:

Looking cool:

Kite flying:

Nothing like chocolate on a hot day at the beach:

A friend's birthday party at a really pretty park on South Beach.

Water spray area:

You could see the cruise ships leaving from where we were.

Story of our life:

Of course:

Then Ryan took Cash on their first father and sons camp out.

I really can't even describe my surprise at the amount of dirt they were wearing when they came home. I'm not sure what I was expecting (wet wipes, perhaps??), butI guess that's how it is when mom's don't go camping. I can't believe I didn't take a picture, but this one of my friend's little boy gives you an idea.

I love the totally clueless tug-of-war, and the fact that you still just play cars with your friends even when you're camping.

Sardines in the bathtub. I know it's tight in there, but really, you could spread out a little.

Rare picture with mom:




AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh, cute. Thanks for the update of kid pictures! I love Cash's chocolate goatee the best. And it's great that Ryan & Cash got to go camping! I love the tug-o-war photos, too! Haha.

LuAnn said...

Man, Cash looks so much like Ryan! With those shades on I almost couldn't tell which it was. Kidding. Jack had that onesie that the twins are wearing and I just kept thinking "why are Gap's onesies so wide?"...guess it is to fit normal kids like yours. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun photos!

Wow, I think we are in for trouble trying to tell them apart. Oh, the stories they might tell in future years.


Rich said...

You guys totally fell for the old "Thousand of alligators at a pond a mile down the road" trick! The only rule to this trick is that you have to pass it on and play it on someone else next time you are in Shark Valley.

Thanks for sharing the video of the tug a war - we'll have to get that from you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Cash in the tent eating the wonderful box lunch made by his Grammy.


Rochelle said...

Your twins could not be cuter in those swim trunks and swim shirts. And, how come Ryan didn't take ALL the boys camping??...I mean, I know it would have been impossible..but you do it every day! :-) You need to cook yourself up a fancy girly-no kids-night for next year ;-)

Jenilee said...

Sounds like some fun activities. Good job Ryan - taking Cash to the father/son campout. Good times.

SuburbiaMom said...

Thanks for posting these darn cute pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to warn Ryan about taking the twins next year. They will not be as old as Cash was, and certainly twice the trouble, so it would not hurt to wait until they are three.

Much love and sympathy, because you'll probably have to take them.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love that picture of just Phoenix in the brown shirt, I can just hear some nasty adult voice like the look-who's-talking-now guy voicing Phoenix's thoughts, like: "Hey suga, what say you and I paint the town? And yes, that's a teddy bear on my shirt."

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so cute! Love all the pictures! Boys and I can't believe you saw an alligator!!!! WOW! They are hoping those can't be found in DisneyWorld! We are so excited to come in Sept!


Anonymous said...

PS It seems like Cash has really grown and we are also worried we won't be able to tell the boys apart! WOW! Not only a picture with mom, but mom reading a book! What a great mom you are!


sarah hyde said...

oh jen, those pics are so darling! i love the fithy father and sons ones. it's amazing how dirty boys can get with no moms around :) your boys are so darn cute!!

The Freemans said...

Looks like life has been fun!!! Your boys are darling, and I always love reading your posts!!!

Tara said...

We have been fooled by that trail at Shark Valley also. When we went there for the first time someone told us there is this awesome tower (which there is) down the trail so we kept on going thinking surely we were almost those. We eventually gave up and had to walk in the heat back to the find out that to get to the tower and back is a 15 MILE round trip walk. Wish that person had mentioned that before we almost kill ourselves and the three kids. Love all your pictures!