Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sleepy husband corner

Right before Christmas, Ryan and I were out shopping. I spotted a store (Coldwater Creek) and said, "That looks like a mom store, let's go in and look for something for my mom." Ryan said, "How do you know that store?" I said, "I don't," but then he said, "Oh, right, festive Christmas sweater in the window."

(Think "mischievous kitty cardigan," among others, compliments of their website.)

So we went in. The greeter at the door was one of those crazy-dressed older women with short spiky hair, just like you would expect. She creeped Ryan out. I guess I've been into Chico's enough looking for my mom to be prepared for their kind. By the time we made it through about 4 racks of clothes, Ryan said, "Um, I think I'm going to go sit over in sleepy husband corner." As I glanced over, I had to immediately duck my head away to hide my giggles. I was really sad I didn't have my camera with me. In the corner, there were three very large men, slumped down in some fashion or other (who knows how long they'd been there), all with their eyes closed. It was so obvious. "I don't know what to get you for Christmas this year, (or they've learned from past mistakes/size misconceptions/failures or just total fear of clothing shopping for women). Why don't you pick something out yourself?" And then somehow, to make it seem somewhat more of a personal gift, I suppose, they allowed themselves to be dragged along.

One of the wives came out, wearing a green mu mu. At her "how do I look?" we heard the husband saying, "No. It's way too big." "Well, should I get a smaller size?" "No. No. It's... no." Ryan was cracking up at this exchange. It was just all too painful. Dragged into the most horrible old lady store, full of wacky salespeople, tacky clothes, other super-uncomfortable husbands, and now having to watch your wife try on mu mu after mu mu while she keeps asking your opinion.

I will give him some credit though. I thought by that stage husbands would just have their standard responses, "Sure, if you like it." "Mmm, hmm." "Looks nice..." At least he was honest.

Ah, the Christmas spirit.

Makes me realize how good it is to put your wishlist on your blog ahead of time. Last year I put up this sweater I loved from Anthropologie, just as a someday sort of wish list, but I was in NO way expecting to get it. Well, my mom jumped at the chance to actually get something she knew I would like. One nice item that she knew I would love. Good choice. I guess all those years of returning everything she's gotten me from Land's End finally sunk in.

Then this year, she opted for the same and scored again - one nice, good, unique piece of clothing. This time from the British company, Boden. Can I tell you their catalog is fantastic? I actually thought it was better than their website, but they really have great stuff. I especially love their skirts. And they all have great names like "Fun, smart skirt", or, "Sassy swishy skirt."

I remember seeing a
children's catalog from there once and loving everything in it so much I threw it away because it was more than I spend for kids clothing. But I felt pretty excited seeing that my Christmas present came through customs. Cute stuff though, huh?

I was discussing my shopping philosophy with a friend a while ago. When I shop, I think I'm naturally drawn to "Oh, what a nice v-neck t-shirt." Staples. Boring. So when I was about to move from New York, I decided I really wanted to do some NY style shopping, and that was my rule - if it was basic, and probably what I would usually go for, I wouldn't buy it. So now, when I really want to do some fashion shopping (not the I-don't-fit-in-anything-so-I-need-to-replenish-all-the-basics-in-a-different-size shopping), that's what I try to do. Look for something fun, unique, and not so basic. (And yes, this will work much better when we actually make real money.)

Anyway, back to my point - I also, yes, got my money toward getting someone to come clean the house every once in a while. See? It pays off not to be too cagey sometimes. Sure beats forcing your hubby into sleepy husband corner.

And we got my mom a cell phone.


Anne Marie said...

Hilarious about the waiting husbands in the fitting room! I figured out long ago that my husband and I should not go clothes shopping together. In fact, I don't even ask his opinion anymore about clothes I buy. For him, if it doesn't come from Banana Republic, he doesn't like it. Glad you got some money for helping out with cleaning. That will be marvelous.

The Spendloves said...

I decided to look up the boden website after reading your post. They have a men's shirt called "Italian Stallion." That gave me a nice chuckle.

We need to go shopping while you're here... without children. No more calling me when you're almost done...

Lima Bean said...

You've got me CRACKING UP over here. Keep up the hilarious posts full of real-life observations, please. :-)

Ty and Trista Swartzlander said...

Looks like your Christmas went well. Shopping with the hubby, maid, naked sumo wrestlers. What more could a girl want?

Shannon said...

Sleepy Husband Corner, such a Ryan comment. How I miss my brother.

Goeb Life said...

My M-I-L LOVES that store. It kind of reminds me of a teacher store also. I dream of having a cleaning lady! Good for you!

Aloha_Misty said...

I LOVE the wrestling pictures. It is so funny to see them rolling on the floor as little sumos! Hilarious. Your post on the sleeping husbands corner had me laughing so hard Greg had to come read it too! I was going to contact you while we were in Orlando but realized that I wouldn't be able to come out and see you anyway! I didn't have a car while we were in Orlando...Greg took it to the conference...so we just stayed at the hotel and swam. Next time we come to Florida we will have to work it out better so we can meet somewhere.