Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I know that after that post about Cash, you all think he's a brilliant child. Well,

lest I lead you all astray and to be a little more humble, I should warn you that the kid isn't really the charmer of social skills. Should you ever meet him, you will most likely be met with these:

The suspicious and skeptical sideways glance. Ryan's family got a good laugh last week when we were home that he could give such a good stare down and such funny looks(and the pictures don't even do it justice). He won't say a word to you and he'll stare you down like nobody's business. In fact, people here who saw the videos of him were like, "Cash can talk?" Yeah, smart and anti-social, that's how we train 'em.


jenna and kreed said...

I am kimi's sister in law and look at your blog sometimes(I am jealous of your twins). Anyway I have gotten mastitis every week for like four months. I could never take antibiotics because they gave my son bowel problems. The best thing I can recommend even more than hot showers and massage is IBprofun. You may know this already but if not one day and four pills later you will feel so much better. Hope you don't mind the advice, Ijust really feel for anyone with mastitis. Good Luck

Winnie said...

I loved that look at Cash. It's so cute.