Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just silly

Ok, so Mariah Carey is on the trash magazine cover this week as having lost 20lbs. Here's "a day in her diet":

Breakfast: 6oz plain yogurt, 1 cup sliced fruit, 1 small banana

Snack: 6 kalamata olives

Lunch: 1 cup .... Wait, what was that snack????

Come on. That's just dumb. 6 freaking olives? What torture. You shouldn't even bother having a snack if you're going to eat 6 olives.

Here's my kind of snack - which may include one (not too likely), or all (much more likely) of the following:

Oh, about a half a bag of these:

I wouldn't consider myself a black licorice fan, but I just re-discovered these and remembered I LOVE them. Luckily they're over at the hospital where Ryan works so I beg him to bring them home about every other day.

Or these:

Lots of them. This big size from Costco lasted a whole week last time.

I'm really liking these:

Slightly sweet, slightly salty. Yum.

Or these:

Has anyone tried these? A girl from Ryan's work very thoughtfully added these in with a baby present to help with the post-partum poop problems (beautiful use of alliteration, I know). Anyhow, it turns out they're really good, probably our favorite tasting granola bars. Throw in some fiber and I'm sold.

So whatever. Eat your six olives Mariah. Guess I won't be making the cover of Us Weekly any time soon, but I'll sure be enjoying eating a real snack.


Laurie Jones said...

I would much rather have the snacks you suggested. I will have to find some of those licorice candies, they look delicious.

I do love those Fiber One bars,but I have to admit they give me and my boys the worst gas! I haven't bought them for a few months. They are a little too powerful for us-but they are SO tasty!

6 olives?! What a joke!

Jen I said...

Hmm, is that where I'm getting all this gas?!

Lu Lu said...

Are those Fiber One bars in most grocery stores? I love them, but I was just given some by a friend and I haven't looked around yet. Didn't dawn on me to get them for post-partum. And if it boys can endure my gas for a little while...I'm sure they'll get me back 10 fold.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Amen. I ate an entire batch of pistachio fluff daily after I had Katie. Now I share some.