Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ryan was telling his sister some of the funny things Cash does and she asked if we were writing them down anywhere. So now Ryan is adamant that I write them down. I couldn't figure out where to write them, then realized the blog must be the best place since it's the only thing I'll keep and get made into a book and stuff. So, I'm warning you now that this is a post about Cash. I don't frequently post too much about him - like, surprise, my 21 month-old loves trains! I understand that is not the most interesting thing for everyone to read. And I'm sure what parents think is cute and funny about their kids is not nearly so to other people. That's why I'm putting the disclaimer that this post is about him, but we think he's pretty funny and I'm just trying to do some highlights. (You will also notice there's nothing on here having to do with him and the babies. That's because there is nothing. He couldn't care less about them. In fact, the only acknowledgement he makes of them is any time we put them near him and he says, "Bye baby.")

Cash is OBSESSED with the alphabet. (Gee, I wonder where he gets his obsessive nature?) Anyhow, the alphabet is his best friend. He will play and beg to play all day doing something that involves the alphabet. When he gets carried off to get his diaper changed or get taken off to bed, he frequently wails out, "Dub-uh!! (W), Y, Z.....!!!!" As if calling on the power of the alphabet to save him.

I will say we're impressed with his skills, but we don't really know since we don't have any other kids to compare it to. We didn't really encourage it much, he just did it on his own and frequently surprises us with what he can do. Here is one video we took when we realized he could do this:

He also loves movies that have anything about the alphabet. This movie has a scene where letters go across the screen. He makes us rewind and rewind and rewind this part over and over. This time he stopped doing it, but still managed to be funny:

Then there's the favorite game - Ryan pulls up a word document, types in letters, and Cash says them:

Now what is wrong with any of this? Nothing. It's great that he loves this.


He will do this for hours. And I mean hours. We're the ones that get tired of it. We're the ones begging to stop playing with the alphabet. And when we stop playing it, this is what ensues:

Notice he keeps looking longingly over at the computer where he wants to go learn his alphabet while wailing "A B C, A B C", and we're like the bad parents trying to stunt our child's learning saying - please! No more learning your letters! How bad is that?

Now what do I discover when I'm downloading pictures onto the computer? Videos taken that I hadn't seen. Apparently this is what happens when I'm not around:

Cash watches movie trailers. Nice.

Then this happens:

HOLY COW. Disgusting!!!!!!! What are you teaching this child when I'm not around!?!!?! (Just kidding. I hope. I really hope.) No seriously though - where did he get this? We're totally cracking up because it's pretty dang funny that Ryan caught this on video. But why?? Does the kid need a salt lick or something? Are we missing vitamins???

Anyway, lest you think he's either all serious, or disgusting, here's what I found him doing one day. Totally spontaneous, and I have no idea where he got this from, let alone the notion that it must be preceded by holding on to the bed post?!?

That's our little man.


todd & nicole said...

He would love Hailee loves it and they have whole alphabet section with games and everything. It basically taught Hailee how to read.

chadlee said...

That is amazing and those videos are so funny. If you want to compare him to someone EXACTLY the same age since he and Stella are birthday buds, I will tell you that he is WAY ahead of her. I can't believe he can recognize the letters and say the sounds. That sounds like kindergarten/first grade stuff to me!

chyayn said...

uhhhh...YEAH. That is a smart kid! (a very cute one too) How exciting!

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

What's up GENIUS boy!! My 26 month old has no idea what the alphabet is? So, on the flip side, does that make us totally neglectful parents???
This kid was bound to be DoOgie Howser with brainiach parents@!!!!

Lu Lu said...

You do have a fast learner. You may not have thought it interesting to mention his self feeding skills...and I don't know if he was a prodigy at this or just normal...but Simon hasn't the slightest inclination to use a spoon or fork for anything other than a drumstick. His interest or willingness to use sippy cups is even less...he just gives it back. I even got the most simplistic ones without a stopper. When Cash was here last fall feeding himself with a fork and spoon I had some expectations. He does have a few tricks however...good climbing skills and I think his vocabulary is decent.

The Spendloves said...

After watching the videos Shawn is all jealous because our boys don't do anything buy smile and coo right now. I think he's ready to move from the newborn to toddler stage. And just to make sure they're not out done he now wants to require that they sound out a few letters before getting fed... no pressure at all for 2 months!

Seriously though, I'm very impressed with Cash! He's so smart!!

lindsy said...

What a smartie! You guys must have the Letter Factory ... it's amazing how fast they catch on!

sarah starr said...

I don't have time to watch the videos just yet, but I'm totally cracking up about the salt lick. You are funny.

jonelle said...

What a very smart little boy. He is cute and he looks like he is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Very cute videos! The alphabet recitation brings back fun memories of our firstborn. She learned the alphabet in December before turning 2 in March. Here's her version:
A B C D E F G H I candy cane K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Zebra!

You're doing a great job keeping up with everything--and keepihng us up-to-date!
Love, Mimi

Shannon said...

And I thought my kids were advanced. Preston blurted out the alphabet at barely two while in Costco. Garrett not to be outdone shouted it out right after him to receive my same praises. I had no Idea that either of them knew it. That little Cash boy is a smarty pants! Jenn everyone loves kid stories. Especially when they are as entertaining as your kids are.

Angela said...

Great videos! I love that he loves the alphabet so much that he cries when you don't let him do it! Too much. He is pretty advanced, I'd say. My Madison was the same way. I would also try to convince her to do other things because I got tired of it! Then my Jackson came along and had NO interest until he was 4. They all come set in their own little ways. And the foot lick and booty shakin' were hilarious!