Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Train exhibit

I've reached the breaking point of this staying in the house all the time, after Cash being sick and my midwife telling me not to do much. So I was very happy that Ryan didn't have to go into work until noon on Monday and could come with us to the Domes - a horticultural observatory place where they have this great train exhibit set up. Cash loved it and I was amazed at how fascinated he was just watching. He could have stayed for hours. He just sat there in awe pointing every time a train came by.

We also got some cute pictures with his best little friend, Harrison. I know kids don't typically really "play" together much at this age, or really care who they're playing with, but these two do. It's too cute. We have to code-name Harrison "H" around our house because as soon as Cash hears his name, he starts running for the door.


Andrew said...

You guys are always going to fun places; its nice that you take advantage of everything around you no matter where you live. Kimi and I are well just vacationing

Rochelle said...

What darling pictures! Glad you were able to escape for a few hours anyway!

Anonymous said...

Darling photos! Darling children.