Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brooke's boys

Austin: 7lb 3.5 oz

Isaac 5lb 11oz

This is classic. I'm pretty sure this is a fair representation of the next few months of my life!


Julie said...


WOW! This is so exciting. I am about ready to cry. My baby sister will soon have twin boys!!!! It is all so cool. I sure love you! So happy to see Brooke's babies! How fun!!!!


Laurie said...

I do want to cry!!! It is so sweet to see the babies, but all you both have to go through, and I would like to be there to help. My prayers are with you Jenn and Brooke.

Jenn you are also the cutest pregnant gal ever! You look great! I really am proud of you and Ryan.

My lastest cool name I heard was Colt. I like it. And I saw a guy in people magazine that was in his 30's and his name was Cash Legend I think. Cash for sure.

Cleaning your house is a sure sign of things starting to happen.

I did castor oil one time and will never do it a gain. It was a big poopy mess and the baby did come 14 hours later, but not worth the trouble on the toilet! Couldn't leave the bathroom the whole day!

Good luck and bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear women's birth/war stories. It is amazing what our bodies can do!...can't wait to hear about your delivery! really, good luck with that. 60 contractions a day sounds painful.

See ya, Melissa Bigelow

chyayn said...

OH! My heart skipped a beat when I opened your blog and saw those babies!!! Your time is soon!! HOORAY! AND GOOD LUCK! Cant wait to hear all about it!!!