Monday, December 3, 2007

Santa Baby.....

Hmm, what to wish for for Christmas this year? I'm totally in love with this sweater from Anthropologie.

Or I would love to have a nice new camera:

And I already got a Garmin GPS system for "my birthday":

(Ok, truth be told, Ryan made me open it the second it came in the mail - weeks before my birthday claiming that I couldn't live one more minute without it, and honestly, I don't think it was really me he had in mind when he got it! But we do love it.)

Problems with the above wishlish though - can't fit in the sweater. Need to research the camera more to see which one I really want, and I really want a nice one, which means we can't really afford it. (You people with nice cameras - which ones do you have?) And I think our main gifts this year to each other will be getting some 72 hour kits together. Gotta be prepared for moving to hurricaine central next summer. But at least I can think about what I would want if I was rich and skinny, can't I?


jorgstyle said...

You'll fit in the sweater again... so if you want it get it.

I am getting the Nikon D80 from Santa for Christmas this year. There are a couple of stores on ebay that sell packages with 2-3 good nikkor lenses and all the startup stuff for the price most retailers sell the body only. I asked a lot of my friends and colleagues that have nice DSLR's about which camera I should get. It came down to the Canon or the Nikon and most that have used both said they are equally good but once you make a decision you'll want to stick with it since the lenses aren't interchangeable. If you have friends that have canon's go that way so you can share components. If you have family, etc with Nikon go that way for the same reason.

Amazon has a cool wish list feature where you can create a wish list and post it to your blog, etc. I put mine on the blog my wife keeps for our family in case you want to buy my a PS3.

How's the baby growing going?

Rochelle said...

Fun wish list! I have a Canon Rebel XT (which is the older model to the XTi now out). I LOVE IT! I bought it in May of this year. It is perfect for someone like me without photography experience...and gives me TONS to explore with and grow into...I bought mine on Ebay in a kit so it came with a couple lenses, a CF card, a bag, I was able to use everything right away. I love that it is able to take nice indoor shots which was my main complaint of my previous point and shoot digital cameras. Good luck! You might find the model I have (the XT) for cheaper??? It does plenty.
Happy shopping!

jorgstyle said...

Here's the link to the shop on ebay that has Nikon's, Canon's, etc for great deals. 3 different Dads from my daughters' dance class bought theirs from here and speak highly of them.

Tell your hubby to get on it.

Laurie Jones said...

I have a Nikon D70s and I love it. I really think that the lens is what really makes a difference with the quality. But I really do love Nikon. We looked at Canon's though and they seemed nice, we just liked the durability of the Nikon. I am sure I am a great help. Happy Hunting. Brandon is really the one to ask about cameras though. He is the researcher in our family. Whatever he finds I just say OK. Good luck, I know they cost a lot but I just say go for it. You won't regret it.

Tania said...

I have a Nikon D70s too. They don't make it any more - you'd have to get the D80. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this camera. Liz F., Lindsey J. & Jeff T. all have the same one and feel the same way I do about it.

I bought a different lens, which I use almost all the time - if you decide to go with a Nikon, ask me and I'll send info on the lens.

I have dropped this camera from standing height several times (the 1st was when I had only owned it for 2 days) and my kids also sometimes get it, (they're not gentle) and absolutely nothing has happened to it.

Can't say enough good things about this camera.