Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The holiday season in photos

One of my favorite pictures. I love baby bed-head.

Cash really hasn't been too pleased with the snow. I think it's the marshmallow feeling.

Gingerbread houses and tree decorating.

The Christmas eve party with Santa. Cash was pretty much a deer in the headlights.

Christmas morning. It is against my better judgement that I put this enormous belly picture of myself on here. :)

Cash obviously doesn't get Christmas. We had to fight him all morning to get him to go in to see his presents. He much preferred sitting on the stairs and racing down the hallway. Who knew it would take so little to make Christmas morning a success?

So then we sort of had to force him into it. The many faces of Christmas morning:

My family (minus a few).

Good times. We love coming home to Utah for Christmas. It will be hard to live in the real world where we don't get to come home for a good chunk of time around the holidays every year. And then it's always hard going back to reality!

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sarah starr said...

That bed head is super sweet.