Monday, August 27, 2007

Rain, rain, going away?

It was pretty soggy here last week. We didn't have any flooding in our area, but other counties here and all around the midwest have been a mess. Luckily we started our Blockbuster membership just in time and stayed in and watched movies most of the week. We did lose power one night, and Cash had to have a candlelit bath:

But, it cleared up for the weekend - just in time for a visit to Chicago, 90 minutes away.

(Well usually 90 minutes away - it was FOUR hours with traffic!!!) We have a few friends who live there, and we've really only passed through before, so we've been excited to explore. We had great food, beautiful weather, and good company, of course. We went to the Sears Tower, (the tallest building in the U.S).

We also went to Millenium Park, a really neat park with cool pieces of art work scattered throughout, such as this huge silver bean-like structure.

Us, with our friends, the Olivers

Closer up to the bean.
Ryan getting attacked.

They also have this big open water area with water spraying up that kids can play in. But then, on this brick wall there is a huge picture of a face, a different face every time, that will have subtle movements until finally the lips pucker up and the face sprays water. A little crazy, but pretty cool!

We also went to visit the Robie house, a Frank Lloyd Wright house:

And of course, we had to get a classic bath picture of Cash and Simon:
All in all, we really like Chicago. I sort of wish we lived there instead, since we're already getting bored of Milwaukee, but at least it's close so hopefully we can visit often! Anyway, we've got rain again now, but by the weekend it's supposed to be nice again. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


Shannon said...

I want to go to Chicago!

Melissa said...

Cute pictures of you and LuAnn! Fun that you could go visit. Come see us in Florida next...

Corinne said...

So Chicago is one of my VERY most favorites cities. I'm jealous that you live so close - I drive 13 hours just to get to the suburbs :) Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!

Laurie said...

That is fun you guys got to see eachother. It was fun to see pictures of your little guys together. I love reading your blog Jen, you make me laugh!