Friday, August 17, 2007


Well, this trip to Utah has had a lot of firsts for us:

- Cash blissfully had his first Jamba Juice, then hurled the cup in anger when it was all gone.

- My friend Brooke and I made strawberry jam. I never thought I would be a jam-maker or a canner or anything, ever. But after this, I may be hooked. Especially the low sugar kind we made. It actually tastes like strawberries, not candy.

- Cash ran through the sprinklers with his cousins. Ok, that's not entirely true. He got a little too wet and got really mad, so then we just had to turn on the hose with about 12 inches of water and then he thought it was great. The idea was there though.

- He did, however, go down a pretty big waterslide with Ryan. I was a bit apprehensive about it as some of the older cousins were afraid to go down it, but he did it. I'm glad that Ryan will be good at not letting our kids be wimpy. I was kind of a wimp.

- Cash slept until 10:30 in the morning - a full 14-hour night's sleep. Wow. I could get used to that.

- Cash finally made an animal noise - woof, woof (well, woo woo, really). This may sound boring to some, but I was relieved to know that 6 months of me making animal noises really wasn't just for my own entertainment. Ryan and I laughingly had to admit that Cash maybe isn't the brightest kid - at least compared to milestones of other friends his age, but we also know it doesn't matter at this age. It's just nice to know that he listens to something I say, since sometimes I'm not sure there's anything registering up there!

It was so fun to be around all the family. It will be hard entertaining him when we get back home. It was so cute watching him follow grandma around the house and all around the yard, trotting after her so he could help with the watering can.

And there were lots of fun times at the pool and with cousins:

And he probably had a little too much time getting spoiled by the aunts.

I guess I shouldn't talk though - I did make sure I got a massage - my new vacation must-have. And I got a pedicure. And I did some shopping. Oooh, better scratch all that before Ryan reads this.... Ok, but seriously I never do that stuff....

My mom also had her 50th year high school reunion. Congratulations on still being around! Just kidding, not only is she around, but we made sure she looked fabulous at all the events so everyone could see how well she took the last 50 years!

I did anxiously stay up until midnight one weekend night waiting for her to come home from her reunion though! I guess that could be another first!

Lastly, I finally realized a strange thing - I get more boogers in Utah. Is it true?? Somebody back me up on this one....


laura said...

I'll back you up. It's true. The dryer air makes for more nose-cleaning.

I also get major hang nails every time I go to Utah.

Looks like fun. I wish we could have been in Utah this summer. But here I am, large as ever.

Shannon said...

True that Jen! August is the worst month for boogers.

sarahdavemalcolm said...

I hunger that jam!

Corinne said...

Your first comment about his Jamba Juice cup made me laugh - he and Preston would get along great!