Sunday, July 22, 2007

The week in pictures

Not too much to talk about this week. We enjoyed time at some parks:

(A good shot of the eyelashes)

Then we went downtown by the lake a couple of nights to enjoy the beautiful weather. The first part of the week was hot and humid, but the last couple of days have been dry and in the 70s - extremely pleasant for July. They have a really nicely developed waterfront here, with lots of trails all along the lake. We just strolled along the water one night, then took the bikes and the trailer down the next.

The Milwaukee Art Museum:

And, as usual, Cash had his ups - and his downs on the trip.

Mostly he just liked being out of the trailer and rolling in the grass:

The salon officially opened this week and I did hair for a couple of girls from church. I was worried that I wouldn't do any hair this whole year, so I was happy. Oh yes, and the only other real excitement - we finally got our california king size bed. It was a little stressful, as it almost didn't fit in the house, but at least we are finally off the air mattress!

Last of all, we've been missing New York this week, so I'll leave you with some of our fond memories:


Shannon said...

I love the picture of Cash hugging Ryan. And him standing at Ryan's legs. That little boy is such a handsome little devil.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, could your boy get any cuter? (Cash, not Ryan). Milwaukee sounds like a happening place, you guys are awesome to jump right in! We miss you and I'm pretty sure my hair will never look good again.