Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sugar baby

Well I think I'll probably do at least a weekly update on this. That way I don't become obsessed, but I still remember the funny details of our life. Over the past week, we went to summerfest in downtown Milwaukee, a huge 2 week music festival on the lakefront.

It was fun, but man there seemed to be a lot of teenagers. And we couldn't figure out how there were so many of them getting away with drinking! Anyway, we saw some good bands and some X-games style BMX biking and they had fantastic fireworks at the end right over the water. Really some of the best we've seen.

But I swear I remember Violent Femmes being cool. It's starting to come back to me that that was probably in 8th grade, because man, they ended the night for us. It was like watching your 50 year-old math teacher and his previous chess club friends trying to be cool. And they're just not. And they just don't make for good entertainers at all. Maybe that's why most of the night we had been around teenagers and the alternative bands, because 2 minutes of watching Violent Femmes perform and the evening came to a screeching halt.

I really hate this husband on call thing though. I know we came here because it was supposed to be an easy year, and it still is much better than other places, but I'm not used to this having to go everywhere by myself. Saturday morning Cash and I went to a ward breakfast and then had to do church again on Sunday without Ryan. Luckily there seems to be quite a few other women in my ward in the same situation, otherwise I would feel even more awkward in a ward where I don't really know anyone. Some people have tried to tell us we should go to the Spanish branch here since we live just a couple blocks away, but then I realize - wait, since Ryan is gone all the time why would I want to go sit by myself in a Spanish branch when I don't even speak the language??

We also went to a barbeque at a lake that has a little beach with some friends and had a good time. I was so excited to have Ryan see Cash in the water (he's a total chicken), but we walked out the door and it started raining. We went anyway, but didn't do much in the water. Cash has just started to take his first few steps alone this past week. I thought it would be such a picturesque background to film some of his first moments walking with the lake in the background, but, well, you can see how it went:

This kid can obviously not tolerate the amount of sugar his mom can. One cookie and he's delerious. :)

We also bought a mattress this week - thank goodness. I think weeks of sleeping on an air mattress may have contributed to us splurging on a really nice one.

Ryan was on call the 4th, so Cash and I went to a nearby park that had a lot of hooplah going on. We lucked out and were there for the talent show. I guess I've never been to these kiddie talent shows before. They're really pretty terrible. Every 6-year old girl is up there trying to sing Christina Aguillera (why are their moms letting them sing those lyrics??). I guess it's a toss up though because then the one kid that comes out and does "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" is a serious dork. To top it off, it was interspersed with entertainment by some old lady who sounded like a total chain smoker who played the accordion and sang patriotic songs. The 10-14 year-old category of the talent show sounded more promising, but we couldn't take much more. American Idol can probably steer clear of Milwaukee.

Although it did remind me of another favorite 4th of July (meaning it seems to bring out some crazy people) - 3 years ago when we lived in Maryland for the summer while Ryan was doing an internship at NIH. We went to this big concert on Capitol Hill and some guy from the BeeGees performed. This lady by us came and planted her chair down only for his performance and then left, but Ryan was so entertained by her, he had to take some video:

It was pretty awesome - you can see the whole crowd is totally mellow except this one crazy BeeGees fan. And she kept that up for the whole half hour or so. You can also see why Ryan was more entertained by her than the whole concert.

Anyway, back to this 4th of July, in the evening after Ryan came home and slept a little, we checked out the Leon's frozen custard that is a block from our house (I'd been trying to avoid it because I knew we'd become addicted), and then we got some Wisconsin mac and cheese at a local restaraunt. Cash was so mad when it was gone. The kid loves cheese. After that we came home and Ryan put together our bikes and the new bike trailer he got for father's day and we went for a little spin around the neighborhood.

All in all, it didn't turn out to be a bad 4th of July after all.

Seeing Cash the other day in this shirt reminded me of his 5-year old cousin Carter who bought this shirt for Cash with his very own money when we went to Utah in April and Cash's luggage was lost for 5 days. How sweet is that?!

I also found this video from his our first birthday celebration at Applebee's that I thought I'd put on. Who needs hands, anyway?

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday! I better go check on my child again. It's almost 9am and he's still asleep. He never sleeps past 6:30. What the heck??


Laurie said...

Your blog is so entertaining! I couldn't stop laughing at your video clips, especially the crazy lady. Cash looks even bigger than when I last saw him. Looks like you guys are having a good time! Hey, I know how you feel about being alone all the time when your husband is on call. Just wait until you have to do it with three kids, it's a BLAST!!!!

sarah starr said...

Jen, I love it! Keep it coming, it helps me feel like we are still neighbors. Malcolm got Dave the same bike trailer for Father's Day. We "mothers" must be on the same track. Dave's on call tonight. AND, he has the car because he is at the "far away" hospital, and I did not want to get up and drive him at 5AM. It's a good thing there is a Home Depot in walking distance, I'm going to get some paint. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cash!

Melissa Bigelow said...

umm, ya. Reading this made me remember Dave's internship year. It seemed like he was always on call and it seemed like I was always going to church just me and my boys...and even the church activities. Most people thought that I was a single mom....mostly I was during that year! so Good Luck! Your blog really is cute. It is fun to hear what you are up to. Love ya!

Shannon said...

I wish you would become obsessed. I want to see more of that BeeGee's woman.