Monday, October 20, 2014

Other random pictures

The final joys of last summer:

Watermelon.  In whatever way you choose to eat it.

Smoothie mustaches.

Warm summer evenings at movies (or Just Dance) in the park.

Popsicles with the neighbors.

Floating boats down the stream at the BYU duck pond with cousins.

Must have been a hard day defending the galaxy:

Roasting marshmallows in the neighborhood.  Amidst gorgeous Utah sunsets.


The funky, dislikeable feeling after getting a cast off.  Although just in time to start Kindergarten.

Love my baby brown eyes.

Discovering the joy of Nutella.

Ok, now this is just weird.  There must be some instinctual, territorial thing about our front porch.  Apparently birds and small people alike love to poop there.  ????  Multiple times after we moved here did I find large amounts of bird turd out there.  But then...I kept not being able to figure out where Diesel was ditching his dirty diapers.  Until I'd walk out on the front porch hours later and realize that must have been an enjoyable sight for anyone in the neighborhood who happened to be watching.  And certainly a charming welcome for visitors.  So WEIRD!


First day of the new school!  Waiting for the first bus ride to school.  

First day starting off in Spanish immersion!  They actually start it in 1st grade, but since Cash had had it in Miami (although not at an immersion level), he was able to test into it, which we were really happy about.  

And while it looks like lots of smiles, Cash possibly had the hardest adjustment of all of us.  It was ROUGH being the new kid at school (and probably not understanding a lot of what was spoken in the Spanish class for a while).  In Miami everyone commuted to our charter school, so since no one really knew each other, they just all made friends.  Here everyone lives in the same neighborhood, goes to the same church, and has been on the same soccer or basketball team for years.  It was much harder breaking into than I anticipated.

The onset of cooler temperatures and being so happy my kids could finally wear SWEATERS to church!  Fall was my least favorite season in Miami simply because you wanted the weather to cool off, and wanted it to cool off...and it never did.  There was no anticipated change of wardrobe or breaking out of the jeans and boots there.  Yay for seasons!

And since actual decent-looking pictures never happened...

Oh well, that looks about right for our household.

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Anonymous said...

Very, very nice! Who knew that BYU had a Duck Pond? And what a fun neighborhood you live in.

xoxo Grammy