Monday, February 18, 2013


In January we also went camping down in the Keys.  We took a glass-bottom boat tour - also on my bucket list (and probably slightly over-rated, luckily we had a Groupon for it).


But then you realize that you're glad you got a good deal and didn't spend a ton of money on it because your kids end up leaning over the rails that over look the glass bottom like this:

Or like this....

Or end up like this... 

Yeah, all that lapping water seemed to get to them before we ever even got out to the reef.  Glad we paid money and it was such an educational experience for them. :)

But it was still fun when people were awake.

How about these houses that you can just see all the way through to the Atlantic ocean?

Or this little gem seriously situated out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

I could totally live there. 

Here was the view from our campsite at Bahia Honda, somewhere down in the middle of the Florida Keys. 

And we survived!  I was nervous because this was our first camping trip with all of the kids.  We're not brave enough to camp with a baby. But it worked out well. And everyone slept... well, except me, of course.

The Keys are so unique that it's just so narrow down there - and especially the way our Key jutted out in the ocean. Ryan pointed out, there aren't many places you can watch the sun both rise and set from the same place.  

We went with our friends the Finlinsons and some of their friends - I realized I hardly have any pictures of them, but they're the silhouettes on the left.  :)

The old railroad (?) bridge.  Looks like it's ready for a scene out of a movie.

Attempting to feed the giant tarpon that jump out of the water to get the fish.  As you can see Cash was about to succeed at getting nipped by a giant bird through the fence instead.

Eating at this picturesque little restaurant with friends....

Wow, that looks like a really low ratio of adults to kids at that table.  :)

Good times.  Living it up while the winter lasts.


AnnaMarie said...

This is completely gorgeous! Glad you're doing bucket list things before you leave Florida!

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Gorgeous photos, homes, kids, parents, recording a fun experience.

xoxo Grammy

Geoff and Bets said...

fun times