Saturday, December 15, 2012


Been getting in the holiday spirit over here! Made this cute jar for Cash's teacher:

His turned out so cute I wish it was mine!  Now to fill it with some candy and leave some votive candles in there for her.  Saw the idea here.

Took snowman poop for the bake sale last week.

Boy was that a hit.  Everybody here just brings in snack packs of oreos or crackers for bake sale donations, so when I always bring in something creative or homemade it's always such a novelty and people are like... well, in awe, I guess.  These things were gone before the first class got through.  I could hear teachers asking over the radio, "Is there still snowman poop??"  And then Cash's class was in there chanting "Snowman poop!  Snowman poop!"  I was laughing so hard. It's marshmallows, people. Seriously though, I'm going to be crushed when we move to Utah (probably) and no one is amazed at my creativity anymore.  :)  Crafty stay at home moms there are a dime a dozen.

But the latest project I'm really excited about is my new Sounds of Christmas Bingo!  I saw the idea for sound bingo here and thought it was great.  Then recently when I was thinking of ideas to go do some Christmas activities in the twins' Pre-K class, I thought it would be really fun and still work on listening skills to do a Christmas sounds bingo.  I had a hard time thinking I could come up with enough sounds but then had so much fun when I got the ideas!  A baby cooing, angels trumpeting, carolers singing, the clip clop of horse hooves (my mom and I always play a Sleigh Ride duet at Christmas so it immediately came to mind as a holiday sound I love), the crunching of a candy cane, a fire crackling in the fireplace, Mary singing a lullaby.... So I spent a bunch of time finding good sound bytes on the internet and just recorded them as voice memos on my iPhone so I could have it handy when I go in their class.  Some might be trickier than others for them, but I think it will be fun!

I probably should have googled it first to see if someone has already made one since I'm sure someone else could make it way cuter than I could.  And the sound was totally unprofessional - just me sticking my iPhone up to the computer speakers to record it.  But hey, it's the idea that counts.

If anyone wants a copy of the file and the sound bytes I recorded, feel free to email me ( - don't leave a comment since they just don't regularly come to my hotmail account, try as I might. I'm forever grateful for people who post their stuff on the internet for me to use!  (I'm just not as savvy as them to want to figure out a better way to pass on 12 sound bytes rather than email....

And finally these were for Cash's school class.



Anonymous said...

Wow, you've really been in the spirit! Well, forced to perhaps by having children in school needing this and that. Darling ideas! Haven't seen any moms on my block with ideas like those. But my neighbor is new YW president and she will be needing some of your ideas.

Jenilee said...

Fun, great ideas. I love the lanterns. Savannah just saw the snowman poop picture and said "Snowman poop, gross". So funny. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

What fun class treats! Spectacular, in fact.

Tania said...

Adorable, as always!!
Snowman poop has always been a big hit for my kids to give out to their friends, as well as "Snowman Soup". Alas, in our new school district no food is to be distributed. Ever. Last year we still made them & I drove my kids to all their classmates houses to drop them off!! This year, I just skipped it. Kind of sad :(