Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hanging in there

Life is crazy. I get this image in my head of someone being dragged behind a boat with no water skis on and just nod my head thinking, yeah, that accurately sums up how I feel.  I feel like every day is a race against the clock for me to see if I can get everything done that I need to and the further the day goes, the longer my list gets and I flop into bed sometime after midnight, half of what I need to do still undone and wondering if I can wake up and do it all again tomorrow.  And I do. And then wonder the same thing again as I flop into bed the next night.

I'm going to attempt blogging from my phone and see if it might just be faster than thinking I'll get around to downloading and posting pictures from my computer, besides the fact that the pictures on my phone might paste a good picture of my life. I'm pretty sure I can't control these in any sort of order but it's better than nothing so I'll just put random descriptions.

Time at the park just outside our house with friends.

Afternoons at the children's museum after we pick up Cash from school trying to burn off some energy.

Grandma coming to visit.

Minivan mom in the car as always.

And the world from Phoenix's viewpoint - about a million pictures on my phone looking up his nose as he holds the camera and takes pictures of himself, pictures of mom just out of bed, mom doing the dishes, mom after church in a messy house, mom trying to exterminate bugs from our cupboard for the hundredth time, Diesel yelling for someone to finally pay attention and come get him out of his crib, (not to mention a million pictures of the ceiling, floor, etc).

And crazy baby in the fridge. Phew, how did I do two of these? Although the twins were too fat to be moving still at this age and this one is too mobile for my taste!

And oh, too bad I already deleted the pictures of me up at girls camp with the girls from church all dirty and make-up-less doing silly things trying to tap my inner- teenager. (Oh wait, I found two! Oh what a dork. I can't believe I'm posting this ugly one of myself - so out of practice and such bad form!)

And Ryan took his boards this week. I'd say I'm glad it's over but then he left for Minnesota!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the fridge photo and Jennie doing the splits take the cake! Glad it worked from your Ipod - especially if it makes it easier to post. I can vouch that this is the true life of the house!

Hope Ryan did well.

xoxo Grammy

SuburbiaMom said...

I don't think you know how to have a bad picture--you always look great!

Can't believe the baby is already into the fridge--yikes!

Hang in there--the time flies and they won't be like this for long!

AnnaMarie said...

Those are some great pictures of a busy life! I can't believe Diesel is already so big..wasn't he just born a few months ago? You look great, even without doing your hair at camp. :)

Melanie said...

Ummm you can do the splits! You really can do it all!
Looks like you boys are having an amazing childhood. Keep up the good work.

duck said...

These are darling pictures. What are you talking about?? You pretty much look like a model in those camp pictures. Splits! seriously? Your boys are as cute as ever, your mom is as amazing as ever! and Diesel is the cutest baby ever!

Susan said...

Umm.m.m... Which one was the one where you were supposed to be looking ugly? I couldn't find it!
I liked the mention of Mom doing this and Mom doing that. . . clearly their world revolves around Mom.