Saturday, December 18, 2010


I haven't mentioned much about Cash and his school since the start when he wasn't so fond of it.  It took a good couple months for the first words out of his mouth every morning not to be, "I don't want to go to school!" Man, I thought I hated mornings before - but having to get three dependent and unwilling children out the door by 8am every morning is miserable. It usually involves lots of yelling as we get closer and closer to 8am and the kids have been sitting in front of their breakfast for 35 minutes, multiple children have been put in timeout for yelling and screaming all morning and inevitably everyone has to poop at 8:01.

But, at least Cash finally enjoys it.  His teacher says he does very well and I have to laugh when I hear him talking about continents and all the things I wouldn't think he would know yet at this age.  We got to go for a little Thanksgiving party with him back in November. It was so funny to see that as soon as he came out Phoenix was beside himself with excitement running right up to him laughing and yelling "Cashy!!" and would hardly leave him alone the whole time we were there.




I could tell people were a little overwhelmed by the energy of my twins there (you can see the devious look on Phoenix's face as he's making a break for the tricycles in the play area when we should be sitting and listening to the Pilgrim lady give her lecture. Somehow other people's children sit still....)  Anyhow, it ended up with me dragging them out of the place in a tantrum-y screaming disaster as usual - but hey, what's new.

 We've also been doing a little pre-school with some friends for a few of our toddlers. This of course also involves a lot of timeouts trying to get them to just understand appropriate behavior for seriously a few minutes out of the week. But for the most part it's really fun and we've done lots of fun activities with the kids. I think some of these pictures are from a Halloween party (complete with treasure hunt for treat bags), B week with a "birthday" party and modified form of "bingo" and decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas.


Of course while the other kids are busy making gingerbread houses I look over to see this (not even just picking the candy off??)  -



(And of course days when I host I usually make extra materials and repeat it with Cash when he gets home so he doesn't feel left out.)

Now if only the twins were as well-behaved at school as Cash.  Oh, actually, he wasn't at first, believe it or not!  I forgot about that. When he first started I asked him what they did out at playtime and he said, "We play fight." Confused, I said, "You mean chase?" He said, "No, fight." Sure enough one day when I was waiting to pick him up I saw him turn and hit some kid next to him, who then shoved him back and all the boys then started wrestling and fighting and throwing each other on the ground. I was in shock!  Cash has never played that way with anyone!  That's why I had no idea what he would even mean by playing fight!  So yeah, my child was corrupted only weeks into school.  :)  Luckily I think it's settled down a bit now.


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun times! I am so glad Cash likes school. Darling gingerbread house!


Anonymous said...

Aunr LeJeune can't stop laughing.Cash fighting is even funnier than Phoenix devouring the gingerbread house.