Friday, November 26, 2010

The sort of pumpkin patch

Before we are too far out of the harvest season I better get up our pictures from the closest thing to a pumpkin patch we could find in Miami (a.k.a. a church with a bunch of pumpkins thrown on the lawn).

While I feel the pressure to get the "classic" pictures like all the other "good" moms out there every year - like the annual pumpkin patch shots, I'm sort of over trying to get good pictures of my kids. They don't smile.  They don't hold still.  They don't listen to anything I say and they throw tantrums.  So most of my pictures were of them running away from me, crusty-faced at the camera, with their faces shoved full of candy that I couldn't pry away from them, or laying on the ground in complete and utter screaming meltdown mode.

At least they had fun running around and filling up their wagons with pumpkins.

But I guess it's worth the struggle if you can manage a few keepers.  Some of you just make it look like that comes so easy!


Safire said...

These are great pictures! Don't know what you're talking about. The secret to great pictures? You kind of stumbled on it in your post. Take A TON, and you'll get just a few keepers. I typically take between 40-50 pictures per kid, and maybe keep only 2. But I also yell at my kids to smile and threaten them with spankings or time outs if they don't cooperate. Makes for some great out takes! ;)

Anonymous said...

They really are great photos! And we must remember it was well over 80 degrees that day. Had you taken a photo of me it probably would have shown me waiting on a stump in the shade, grouchy and not smiling - or chasing the child who kept heading to the busy street! Your persistence was incredible to get the shots you did. And the photos produced fond memories, to be sure.

Love, Grammy

katya said...

super cute ones in there with the very candid (and so much more indicative of reality! FORGET all the 'perfect' pictures... this is LIFE) and you'll think back on this time and be glad u had these I bet.

katya said...

ps. heat always made me cranky and almost all the pictures of me with my family on vacation as a kid are of me scowling... so.. :)there you go.

Jenilee said...

At least you are taking pictures. Most of the time I forget, or just don't take the time to do it. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Katya, you must have been really busy in your new job in Omaha! I have missed you.

xoxoCarolyn H.

Anonymous said...

You are so hilarious! Man, the screaming, crusty face pictures are WAY better than the smiling ones. ;) the smiley ones are cute too, of course.

I never think to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

Darling pictures! After all the snow that has been shoveled today around here. . . I'm thinking Florida sounds SO NICE!


Melanie said...

Its not easy at all! I just take 100s (not kidding) in order to get one good one.
Candid shots are better anyway. They tell more of a story.