Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random pictures

It hasn't been our best week.  Besides getting sick, in the space of about three days, we realized both Ryan's Ipod (that he has all his medical stuff loaded on) and our camera were missing.  We have no idea how, or if they're in some black hole only the twins know about.  All I know is my house has never been more clean and we've looked under every nook and cranny in the house.  And I missed some great photo ops this week!  So in fond remembrance of when we did have a camera, here are just some random pictures from the last month or so.

Here's me trying to take some self photos with Cash.  Even though they're not great shots, I love their candid nature, and how true they are to trying to get pictures with my kids!

I had said it would be a good family photo day since we were all ended up in coordinating colors for church, but this was about as far as we got since no one's much in the mood for anything by the time we're done with church.

Then we found some mice in the house that seem to be really fond of the whole Costco-sized block of cheese.  It must be way better than a single piece by the fits they throw when we try to take it away from them.

Sometimes I have to stop and remember to appreciate how pretty it is here - like the view from the playground right outside our house:

It's even more blissful now that they put a fence around it!  It was pretty hard before to relax at the playground since it was so hard to keep my children contained, or even wandering in the same direction.  I even called the man in charge of our park just to thank him.  He was a little confused.  Guess that doesn't happen much here.  :)

We also love going down to the park at the tip of south beach - I always try to time it when the cruise ships go out cause they come so close and it's so fun to see them leave.


 We were telling our friends what a gorgeous park it was and how much fun it was - and then of course by the time they got there it was cold and raining!  But it was still fun and I think the boys thought it was a pretty novel and cool concept to be playing out in the rain.  Besides it being novel for it to be raining in Miami and not downpouring in the first place. And they looked kind of cute all soggy. 


And then there's the naked obsession that I mentioned before.  Pretty much anything that can be done naked is done naked around here (bum shot warning).

(Notice how in the last picture, the two are playing and chubs is finding leftover pizza, of course.)

Let's hope we find our camera or I may not be inspired to post for a while!


Jenilee said...

What a pain to lose your camera and ipod. Hope you find it soon. Cute pictures!

Richins Family said...

I love your boys! And even with the rain that park was amazing. I'm really glad we went, we'll have to go again when it's not raining!

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! They fenced the children's playground portion of the park! What good news -- and what great spontaneous photos. Cannot wait to see you all.


Laurie said...

Those little blondies are looking like Casey when he was a baby with his lovely curls. I still see a Ryan in there though.

Melanie said...

The fence at the park is brilliant! They should always do that!
The naked boys is hilarious. It is way to cold here for any kind of nakedness. Plus we are working on privacy. H will just pull down his pants in a public restroom while Im saying "shut the door so you can have privacy please." He just looks at me like "wha?"
Love the photos! I hope you find your camera!

The Freemans said...

They are all so sweet, even in the nude....I am so jealous and wishing I were there enjoying the beautiful SICK of SNOW....longing for a park day....enjoy it because you can!!!

Safire said...

Now that looks just beautiful right now. Sigh...I'd love to see the ocean instead of the white white white of 40+ inches of snow.

Cameras should have some kind of finding thing on them. Like when you loose a cordless phone. I loose my regularly.

Angie said...

Have you dismantled any pack n plays or looked in suitcases? My watch was lost for 6 months once and after scouring the house and giving up, I opened up the pack n play and my watch rolled out. Gotta love a toddler! Good luck! The pix are wonderful.

Corinne said...

I cruised out of Miami! It was so lovely - and in February too :) It was fun to sail past the beach

Laurie Jones said...

I love all the naked shots! What a bunch of cute bums! Why is it that you always look so glamourous in all your pictures?!? I feel like I am always looking like crap!

Shannon said...

Those twins certainly are the whitest boys in Miami.

Rachel said...

Jen, you are so beautiful! Miss you!