Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bustling holiday season

Fun work Christmas party:

Helped put together the ward Christmas party at church. Lots of work. Played "Sleigh Ride," didn't totally botch it (just a little), got Ryan to whinny like a horse and crack the whip. Claims it was his first and last time doing that.

Sang in church, made loads of funeral potatoes, made more food, did people's hair for the holidays, went to more parties, had friends over for a Christmas family home evening. Went to the beach to take some pictures for a friend. Saw this:

Why shouldn't you rollerblade in a thong?
(I tried to do you a favor and keep the picture small.)

Need to get ready for Utah on Friday! Need some sleep.


Anonymous said...

That was one HUGE week!
We can hardly await for your arrival.


Anonymous said...

That is, we can hardly wait for your arrival ... or we can hardly await your arrival!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you caught that picture! That totally made my day! My kids were looking over my shoulder and Beth was like, "Why doesn't she have any pants on?.....Does that person live in the real world???"

Melanie said...

AAhhh sounds like christmas - Moms working overtime. I never understood why adults had such dread about the holidays. Whats not to love? Now I understand all the extra work and planning it entails on top of your everyday schedule! Lot of work but a lot good memories.

duck said...

who played sleigh ride with you? That was supposed to be me!!! :) Man, how I miss the nudity of Babylon---I mean Miami. ;) Busy times. I think I just might miss you in utah.. major bummer :( we're going to fallon. travel safe! and get ready for some S N O W !

Jenny said...

Rollerblading in a thong--only here.

Love all your pictures from dinners and your birthday. Have a Merry Christmas!

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Although barely in the picture, I did notice there was a man rollerblading just behind the girl. Smart man.

Merry Christmas!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Looks like you had some good times. What a fun arrangement of Sleigh Ride, and nice to have some helpers! And that thong is amazing. And disgusting.